Test Your Knowledge With Our Pi Day Quiz

Tomorrow is the unofficial math holiday known as Pi Day. Celebrated throughout geekdom, Pi Day is so crowned because the first three digits of pi (3, 1, 4) are like the numeric representation for March 14 (3/14). This year it’s even  more special because it will be 3/14/15, as in the first five digits of pi (3.1415). Maybe you knew all that. But what else do you know?

Before pi, there was this simple Latin phrase to express what pi represents: “Quantitas in quam cum multiflicetur diameter, proveniet circumferencia.” OK, not as simple as pi, sure. But don’t worry—no knowledge of Latin is needed for our fun, little quiz.

Still, while it may not be easy as pie (or pi?), our quiz will definitely test your knowledge of pi and culture—and it’s way less caloric than those round things with those deliciously buttery crusts.

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Iam Sudhakant
Iam Sudhakant

Terribly hates math but respect its importance


@WorldSciFest Gravity is left outside mass-energy equation. Gravity can only weigh more mass in relation to energy to fit the equation.