Salon: Life in Our Image – The Ethics of Altering the Human Genome

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Salon: Life in Our Image—The Ethics of Altering the Human Genome

Full Program: 2016 World Science Festival | 01:27:38

Original Program Date: Saturday, June 4, 2016

Featuring Geneticist George Church, Synthetic Biologist Drew Endy, Ethicist Gregory E. Kaebnick, and Philosopher, Bioethicist S. Matthew Liao with Journalist Amy Harmon Moderating

Powerful new genetic tools allow scientists to alter the DNA of any organism—with tests on human embryos already underway. Even more ambitious, synthetic biologists on the verge of creating the genetic material for a living organism from scratch are setting their long-term sites on fashioning a fully synthetic human genome. With bold promises of disease resistance and controlling human evolution, this explosive progress has ignited ethical debate. As we rewrite our code of life, how will we revise the code we live by? Join a panel of distinguished scientists and bioethicists wrestling with the moral challenges of altering the human genome.


Amy Harmon_200px

Amy Harmon

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George Church_200px

George Church

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Den Haag, 21 september 2007. Drew Endy.

Drew Endy

Synthetic Biologist
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Gregory E. Kaebnick_200px

Gregory E. Kaebnick

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S. Matthew Liao. TED@NYC Auditions - October 8, 2013, Joe's Pub, New York, NY. Photo: Ryan Lash

S. Matthew Liao

Philosopher, Bioethicist
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