Salon: Game Change – CRISPR’s Brave New World

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Salon: Game Change—CRISPR’s Brave New World

Full Program: 2016 World Science Festival | 01:25:42

Original Program Date: Saturday, June 4, 2016

Featuring Molecular Biologist Ellen Jorgensen, Biologist Ben Matthews, Bioengineer, Neuroscientist Neville Sanjana, Law Professor Jacob S. Sherkow, and Clinician-scientist Stephen Tsang with Cancer Biologist Robert Benezra Moderating

Just a handful of technologies deserve to be called “game changers”—and CRISPR-Cas9, the new gene-editing tool, is one of them. Discovered just three years ago, CRISPR is sweeping through labs around the world and researchers are already using it to experiment on diseases like cancer and AIDS, engineer new sources of clean energy, and create hardier plants and animals with the goal of wiping out world hunger. This Salon gathers bioengineers and medical researchers to take a hard look at the monumental changes hovering on the horizon.


Robert Benezra_200px

Robert Benezra

Cancer Biologist
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Ellen Jorgensen

Molecular Biologist
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Ben Matthews_200px

Ben Matthews

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Genome Institute–Neville Sanjana

Neville Sanjana

Bioengineer, Neuroscientist
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Jacob S. Sherkow

Law Professor
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Stephen Tsang_200px

Stephen Tsang

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