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Welcome to the World Science Festival’s video library and social platform from the World Science Festival. We hope you’ll make it your new home for rethinking science. Explore the many people and ideas at the cutting edge of science, art, and innovation. Get a quick shot of inspiration from one of our hundreds of Shorts that capture special moments from our live events. Or, stay a while, and delve into our Full Programs. Use the built-in features on our custom player to embed the video on your site, or to quickly share on Facebook, Twitter, or by email.
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About the World Science Festival

The World Science Festival is a production of the Science Festival Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in New York City. The Foundation’s mission is to cultivate a general public informed by science, inspired by its wonder, convinced of its value, and prepared to engage with its implications for the future.
The World Science Festival’s signature event is an annual celebration and exploration of science that launched in 2008. Hailed a “new cultural institution,” by The New York Times, the Festival has featured such luminaries as: Stephen Hawking, Edward O. Wilson, Sir Paul Nurse, Harold Varmus, James Watson, Francis Collins, John Holdren, David Baltimore, Saul Perlmutter, Daniel Dennett, Eric Lander, Steven Chu, Richard Leakey, George Ellis, Sylvia Earle, Oliver Sacks, Mary-Claire King, William Phillips, Paul Davies, Sir Roger Penrose, Tomás Saraceno, Lisa P. Jackson, Vinton Cerf, Jeffrey Eugenides, Joyce Carol Oates, and Elaine Fuchs. The first five Festivals have attracted almost one million visitors, and millions more have viewed the programs online. The World Science Festival also produces year-round live programming in New York City, nationally and internationally.

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