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The World Science Festival is a New York City-wide celebration of science through discussions, art, food, games and more. The 2014 Festival runs from May 28-June 1.

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Press Release: City of Science Begins May 7

04/12/16See Comments

For Immediate Release April 12, 2016 World Science Festival and Con Edison Bring Scientific Exploration to Each of New York City’s Five Boroughs with City...[Read More]


Timeline: Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity

02/11/16See Comments

One hundred years ago this month, Einstein discovered the general theory of relativity. This interactive timeline follows Einstein’s early progress from his brilliant but rebellious school days to his first...[Read More]

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Astronomy’s New Messengers

02/10/16See Comments

Marcia Bartusiak joins Kip Thorne, Laura Danly and Rainer Weiss to demonstrate how two observatories on opposite sides of the country, called LIGO (Laser Interferometer...[Read More]


To Explain the World: A Conversation With Steven Weinberg

01/19/16See Comments

How did humanity invent science? In this program from the 2015 World Science Festival, Nobel Prize-winning physicist and revered public intellectual Steven Weinberg explores this...[Read More]


The Ethics of Drinking Coffee Vs. Zapping the Brain

11/01/15See Comments

Lots of people drink coffee and enjoy chocolate. We love our caffeine. But how is that different than zapping our brains? Why isn’t that common? How do our thoughts on...[Read More]


Photo of the Day: Got Milk?

10/30/15See Comments

This lab creation looks a bit like a squashed bug, but it’s actually a lab-grown collection of cells engineered to resemble the human mammary gland....[Read More]


Photo of the Day: Celestial Hide­ and ­Seek

10/29/15See Comments

This dramatic beacon in the darkness over the mountains of Spitsbergen, Norway is a solar eclipse, an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the Earth, moon,...[Read More]