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The mission of the World Science Festival is to cultivate and sustain a general public informed by the content of science, inspired by its wonder, convinced of its value, and prepared to engage with its implications for the future.


Photos: City of Science Blasts Off in the Bronx

05/10/16See Comments

On Saturday, May 7, nearly 2,000 kids, families, and teachers participated in experiments, demonstrations, and the wonder of science exploration during the very first City...[Read More]


Explore Mathematical Genius at 92Y

03/04/16See Comments

On January 16, 1913, the world-renowned mathematician G. H. Hardy received nine spectacular pages of mathematical theorems from an unknown, self-taught Indian student named Srinivasa...[Read More]


What will we learn from the detection of gravitational waves?

02/11/16See Comments

Today’s discovery of gravitational waves is a landmark in physics history. It confirms predictions Einstein made over 100 years ago. But what other kinds of...[Read More]

gravitational waves

The Landmark Discovery of Gravitational Waves

02/11/16See Comments

Brian Greene explains the spectacular confirmation of Einstein’s prediction and the leap forward this promises for our understanding of the universe....[Read More]

Artist's impression of the surroundings of the supermassive bla

When Black Holes Collide

02/11/16See Comments

When two black holes spiral towards each other and collide, they produce powerful gravitational waves. Scientists do not know much about these waves right now,...[Read More]


Robert Woodrow Wilson: Tuning in to the Big Bang

02/11/16See Comments

When astronomer Robert Woodrow Wilson and physicist Arno Allan Penzias were testing a new type of antenna, they hardly expected their work would lead to...[Read More]

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Trace Our Human Origins with Paleoanthropologist Lee Berger

01/21/16See Comments

Distinguished explorer and paleoanthropologist Lee Berger has made incredible discoveries in the search for human ancestors. Many of those discoveries are now at the heart...[Read More]


Wizards of Odds

12/29/15See Comments

Probability is the backbone of science, but how well do you understand it? Odds are, not as well as you think; it is a surprisingly...[Read More]