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Photo Of The Day: Total Eclipse of the Sun

07/28/14See Comments

On this date, 163 years ago, a Russian daguerrotypist named Berkowski (first name unknown), took the first photograph of a solar eclipse, using an 84-second


The Science Behind New TV Drama ‘Manhattan’ (Episode 1)

07/27/14See Comments

Manhattan, the new dramatic series on WGN America about scientists racing to create the atom bomb at Los Alamos, plays fast and loose with history,


Photo Of The Day: Pretty In Pink

07/27/14See Comments

Flamingos are born with gray feathers; they get their pinkish hue from beta carotene, a chemical found in the algae and tiny invertebrates these birds


Photo Of The Day: Icy Hot

07/26/14See Comments

The English word “geyser” is derived from Geysir, the name of one of Iceland’s many spouting hot springs driven by the island’s highly concentrated volcanic