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How Alan Turing Proved There’s No ‘Theory Of Everything’ For Math

11/24/14See Comments

The World Science Festival partnered with the Museum of the Moving Image to present a special screening of The Imitation Game, the new dramatic feature...[Read More]


Photo of the Day: Chapel Of Bones

11/24/14See Comments

San Bernardino alle Ossa in Milan, Italy, is well-known for its ossuary, a small chapel decorated with human bones and skulls—each of which is made...[Read More]

Photo of the Day: Spiral Shell

11/23/14See Comments

A Nautilis shell is a natural example of a logarithmic spiral or “spira mirabilis” (miraculous spiral), which grows in size without altering the original shape....[Read More]


Photo of the Day: In Your Ear

11/22/14See Comments

A colorized scanning electron micrograph showing sensory hair cells in the cochlea of the inner ear. Inner ear hair cells help transform vibrations into electrical...[Read More]