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Laughing Geckos

Photo of the Day: Lounge Lizards

12/18/14See Comments

Leopard geckos are unique among geckos in having movable eyelids, as seen in action here. (Image Credit: iStock.com/cathykeifer)...[Read More]

smart read_bill nye v4

Smart Reads: Bill Nye’s ‘Undeniable’

12/17/14See Comments

Evolution has two histories—the story of the Earth and its species, and our discovery and exploration of the concept itself. We recently had the pleasure...[Read More]

robbert 800x494

Next World Science U Master Class Available

12/17/14See Comments

Interested in learning mind-blowing science directly from the leading experts? World Science U has you covered. Today we premiere the third installment of WSU Master Classes, a...[Read More]


Einstein Would Be Shocked By Quantum Physics Today

12/17/14See Comments

If Albert Einstein were suddenly yanked into the 21st century, he’d be amazed by all the new developments in physics. (Okay, first he’d probably look...[Read More]