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Photo of the Day: Old Growth

04/18/15See Comments

Keeping forests healthy and long-lived isn’t just a matter of keeping the country picturesque. Research shows that big mature trees are the best at capturing...[Read More]


Those Puppy-Dog Eyes Might Mean Something

04/17/15See Comments

Your dog looks guilty and sorry, but is she? And what’s going on with other puppy dog looks? Shaming on the Internet keeps getting more and...[Read More]


This Week in Science: Dark Matter Map, Zombie Worms, Popping Knuckles

04/17/15See Comments

Seven days, lots of science in the news. Here’s our roundup of some of the week’s most notable and quotable items. Humans evolved pointier chins than...[Read More]

formations 017

Photo of the Day: Gone Fishin’

04/17/15See Comments

Certain species of fungus gnat have an interesting hunting strategy as they’re growing up. The larvae of the genus Arachnocampa secrete threads of silk coated...[Read More]