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The Winds That Bring The Arctic Meltdown To Your Doorstep

09/18/14See Comments

A big link between climate change and severe weather may be lurking 30,000 feet above your head. More and more scientists are interested in the...[Read More]


A DNA Test Reveals A Surprise in One Family Tree

09/18/14See Comments

Genetic genealogist CeCe Moore has convinced dozens of her family members to take a look at the stories their DNA tells. See the surprising ancestral...[Read More]

Cirrus clouds and ice halo, Antarctica

Photo of the Day: I Can See Your Halo

09/18/14See Comments

When sunlight is refracted through the hexagonal ice crystals of thin clouds high in the atmosphere, it can form a halo like the one seen...[Read More]


What To Do Before You Walk In Space

09/17/14See Comments

Spacewalks require a lot more preparation than just donning your spacesuit, grabbing your zero-grav martini shaker and stepping out of the airlock. See NASA astronaut...[Read More]