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Photo of the Day: Head In The Clouds

07/22/14See Comments

Contrary to popular myth, the ostrich (Struthio camelus) does not bury its head in the sand when it’s scared—but these birds do bury their eggs


The Long Shadow Of The Manhattan Project Part II: Ethics In The Atomic Age

07/21/14See Comments

Last week, we explored the Manhattan Project’s scientific legacy: new opportunities for energy, medicine, and spaceflight, and the beginnings of massive, government-funded science. But hundreds


Cinema Peer Review: ‘I Origins’

07/21/14See Comments

Despite an excessively maudlin depiction of a philosophical odd-couple romance, Mike Cahill’s new science fiction film ‘I Origins’ does manage to create a somewhat plausible

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Photo Of The Day: Oak-eater

07/21/14See Comments

The filbert weevil (Curculio occidentis) is a common oak tree pest; the larvae bore into the acorns of live oaks. Should we try to eradicate such pests,