WSF Live

Be part of the Festival experience by hosting WSF Live events in your community or school. Through our live-streamed events, you can engage your audiences in cutting-edge science and remarkable discoveries, examined and explained by the brightest minds in the field.

Join the conversation on-stage and backstage, by connecting with the WSF New York audience and other WSF remote audiences through dedicated social media channels.

Enhance the live-streamed programs with your own on-site experts and thought leaders. A WSF staff liaison will guide you through the process and help you build your on-site event. View the technical support specifications

Participate in WSF Live in one of the following ways:

  • LIVE STREAM real-time events as they unfold at WSF in New York.
  • PREMIERE SCREENING and showcase the Festival’s event on your own time, your own schedule.

Get Involved

Share the experience with other like-minded science enthusiasts and be a part of the global community as a WSF Live Partner.
If you are interested in becoming a WSF Live Partner, contact Kadi Hughes, Special Projects Manager.

If you’d like to embed the Livestream player on your own web page, click here.


  1. […] are among those on a panel Friday night at the World Science Festival in NYC; I'm told it will be live-streamed here.] And there are other fascinating theoretical implications, as noted in the Flauger et al […]