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Mark GermanDirector of Education Strategy and Initiatives

Mark German is the Director of Education Strategy and Initiatives, directing the development and implementation of a diverse and international multimedia educational strategy, in both live and digital contexts, from content and partnership building to community engagement initiatives.

Formerly supporting initiatives for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, E-Line Media, Intel Education, Teaching Channel, XPRIZE, and other organizations, Mark has led the development of over 200 products and a dozen large-scale programs that have enhanced the lives of more than 10 million students and educators in 75 countries.

Mark has a Master of Arts in Communications Management from the University of Southern California, a Master of Arts in Teaching from National College of Education, and a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Social Policy from Northwestern University.

Executive Leadership

President, World Science Foundation
Co-founder and CEO, World Science Festival
Co-founder, World Science Festival; Chairman, World Science Foundation
Chief Operating Officer


Lead Education Specialist
Associate Producer
Finance Manager
Office Manager
Associate Director, Education and Outdoor Programming
Director of Education Strategy and Initiatives
Associate Director, Live Events
Education Production Assistant
Senior Marketing Creative Manager
Director of Finance & Administration
Finance and Human Resources Manager
Director, Live Events
Creative Content Manager
Associate Design Director
Development Coordinator
Director of Media
Senior Manager, Media