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Dan EnnisStudio Associate and Media Manager

Dan Ennis is the Studio Associate and Media Manager for the World Science Festival, tasked with the digitization of festival programs and projects in addition to assisting the media department as required

Recently graduated with a B.A. in Photojournalism and minor in Wilderness Studies from the University of Montana, Dan considers himself an outdoor enthusiast and avid content creator with a strong sense of respect for the environment.

Dan hopes to utilize multimedia platforms to amplify Social Justice issues and Climate Change solutions. He aspires to influence opinion and public policy by capturing the human experience within the natural world from behind the lens.

Executive Leadership

President, World Science Festival
Co-founder and CEO, World Science Festival
Co-Founder and Chairman, World Science Festival


eLearning Assistant
Associate Director of Marketing
Studio Associate and Media Manager
Finance Manager
Associate Director, Education and Outdoor Programming
Chief Financial Officer
Executive Assistant
Executive Producer
Director, Live Events
Data Analyst
Development Coordinator
Senior Manager, Media