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Matt CarlstromAssociate Booking Producer

Matt Carlstrom is currently the Associate Booking Producer at the World Science Festival, helping to bring essential scientific voices to the Festival’s programming. Before joining the World Science Festival, Matt spent two years as a Producer and Booker at Big Think and landed video interviews with Chelsea Clinton, Jennifer Doudna, Steven Pinker, and E.O. Wilson, among others. He also oversaw fulfillment of Big Think’s major sponsored content projects with partners including the John Templeton Foundation and Pfizer.

Previously, he worked in investment and partnership management at Essence, Google’s digital media agency. He received his Bachelor’s degree in advertising from Temple University. Matt spends most of his free time outside or trying out new recipes. He hopes to one day master the art of pie dough.

Executive Leadership

President, World Science Foundation
Co-founder and CEO, World Science Festival
Co-founder, World Science Festival; Chairman, World Science Foundation


Associate Booking Producer
Associate Director of Marketing
Multimedia Production Coordinator
Associate Director of Communications and Digital Media
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