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Mer SternEditor/Videographer

Mer Stern is currently an editor and videographer at the World Science Festival. She is responsible for editing media for festival events, YouTube content, and online courses for young scholars, as well as filming and photographing year-round educational events.

Before joining the WSF team, Mer worked on content for networks including Syfy, USA Network, History, and Discovery Channel. Traveling further back in time, Mer graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a major in Cinema Studies and minors in Fine Arts and Creative Writing.

Aside from being an editor and videographer, Mer is also a photographer, musician, and writer, but she would describe herself as being a visual storyteller to keep things both relatively simple and annoyingly abstract. Mer’s training was in documentary filmmaking, and she strives to create content that can make a positive impact in the world.

Executive Leadership

President, World Science Foundation
Co-founder and CEO, World Science Festival
Co-founder, World Science Festival; Chairman, World Science Foundation


Associate Director of Marketing
Multimedia Production Coordinator
Human Resources and Office Manager
Studio Associate and Media Manager
Finance Manager
Education and Volunteer Associate
Associate Director, Education and Outdoor Programming
Director of Education Strategy and Initiatives
Marketing Manager for Outreach & Partnerships
Chief Financial Officer
Executive Producer
Director, Live Events
Data Analyst
Development Coordinator
Senior Manager, Media