Shaking Up the Dark Universe: The Dark Horses of Dark Matter

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Forget what you think you know about dark matter. After a 30-year search for a single, as yet unidentified, species of dark matter particle that...[Read More]


Juno’s Mission to Jupiter [Infographic]

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On July 5, NASA’s Juno spacecraft slid into orbit around the gas giant Jupiter, our solar system’s largest planet. It’s the latest in a 30-year...[Read More]


Have Humans Ushered In A New Geological Epoch? [Infographic]

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Next time you chow down on a chicken wing, pay special attention to where you discard the bones. You just might be telling future archaeologists—human...[Read More]


Video: WSF Participant and Neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis Helps Paralyzed Patients Learn to Move Again

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With the advent of technologies connecting human brains to computers, robotics, and even other brains, scientists are making strides toward a goal long thought impossible:...[Read More]


Moral Math of Robots: Can Life and Death Decisions Be Coded?

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A self-driving car has a split second to decide whether to turn into oncoming traffic or hit a child who has lost control of her...[Read More]


Mind Melds and Brain Beams: The Dawn of Brain-to-Brain Communication

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Music students download the technique of their favorite pianist or singer directly into their brains. Medical students download the skills of a seasoned surgeon or...[Read More]


Gravitational Waves: A New Era of Astronomy Begins

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On September 14th, 2015, a ripple in the fabric of space, created by the violent collision of two distant black holes over a billion years...[Read More]