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Are Probabilities Different in Quantum Mechanics?

03/26/15See Comments

When we start dealing with subatomic particles, we enter the realm of probabilities. But is the probability of an electron’s position the same sort of...[Read More]


Drawing a Genetic Map of the World

03/25/15See Comments

Icelanders, says Kari Stefansson, are very interested in genealogy. You’d probably be too, if you lived in a pretty small island nation derived from a...[Read More]

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How Big Are the Strings in String Theory?

03/24/15See Comments

String theory posits that the menagerie of different fundamental particles that make up all things—protons, photons, bosons, and the like—are not actually dots of matter, but rather oscillations...[Read More]


The Potential Goldmine That Is Your Toilet

03/23/15See Comments

A rich vein of precious metals might lie as close as your bathroom. Scientists who started scrutinizing sewage started turning up some truly unexpected nuggets—gold,...[Read More]

The state of Alaska claims certain populations of humpback whale have recovered enough to be taken off of the endangered species list.

The ‘De-List': Are These Animals Really No Longer Endangered? [Photo Gallery]

03/20/15See Comments

Since 1973, endangered species have had more of a fighting chance thanks in large part to the Endangered Species Act and the international laws and treaties modeled...[Read More]

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Watching Memories Slip Away

03/20/15See Comments

If you’ve ever fumbled recalling someone’s name or the password to the old Livejournal account with all of your awful high school poetry in it...[Read More]

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To Be or Knot to Be

03/19/15See Comments

Knots are the kind of stuff that even myths are made of. In the Greek legend of the Gordian knot, for example, Alexander the Great...[Read More]


How Planets Put a Ring on It

03/19/15See Comments

How beautiful is a ring that sparkles, whether perched upon a finger or girdling a gas giant hundreds of millions of miles away. Like precious...[Read More]


Photo of the Day: Vermilion Cliffs

03/18/15See Comments

This outcrop is part of the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, a 293,000-acre spread of remote wilderness in northern Arizona. It’s home to pronghorns, bighorn sheep,...[Read More]


The ‘Super Superstorm’ of Global Warming

03/16/15See Comments

The fourth in a series that explores a big unknown variable for modeling future global warming: what the humans will do. In the wake of the devastation Cyclone Pam wrought...[Read More]