Meet Marah Hardt. She Explores the Ocean.

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Marine biologist Marah Hardt knows lots of things about the ocean, including why a quiet coral reef is cause for concern and what important roles...[Read More]


Meet Tanya Lowe. She Raises Birds of Prey.

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Animal behaviorist and wildlife educator Tanya Lowe brought a couple special guests with her to the 2015 World Science Festival—one of whom has perfected the...[Read More]


Do Lab Rats Dream of the Future?

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How often have you “slept on” a problem and found that the right answer was easily reached afterwards? More and more research is suggesting that...[Read More]


This Week in Science: Jupiter Meets Venus, Seahorse Tails, and the Scent of a Rose

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Seven days, lots of science in the news. Here’s our roundup of some of the week’s most notable and quotable items: The world picked up...[Read More]


Meet Amber Straughn. She Hunts Galaxies.

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For NASA astrophysicist Amber Straughn, every day at work involves peering a little deeper into the universe. She’s sifting through the torrent of data streaming back to...[Read More]


Meet Steve Wolf. He Blows Up Stuff.

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An average day on the job for special effects expert Steve Wolf may involve setting someone on fire or throwing him off a building—or both. And thanks to simple science,...[Read More]


See Cool Jobs With Explosions, Oceans, and Vultures

06/30/15See Comments

By most standards, “Science Bob” Pflugfelder, Marah Hardt, and Tanya Lowe don’t have ordinary careers—they have Cool Jobs. And at the 2015 World Science Festival,...[Read More]


Take Your Leap Second to Think About the Weird Nature of Time

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Summer is going to stretch on a little bit longer this year thanks to the addition of a leap second. But it’ll be a fleeting add-on....[Read More]


This Week in Science: Video From Pluto, Yeti Crabs, and Skinny Jean Dangers

06/26/15See Comments

Seven days, lots of science in the news. Here’s our roundup of some of the week’s most notable and quotable items. The first color movies...[Read More]


How Quantum Entanglement Gives Us Quantum Teleportation

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The strange links that can be forged between subatomic particles allow us to do some pretty cool things, like quantum teleportation (for single particles, at least)....[Read More]