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Explore dark energy with Nobel laureate Adam Riess

11/20/15See Comments

In 1998, Adam Riess and his colleagues discovered dark energy. It was Nobel Prize-winning work that shocked the physics world. In order to understand what...[Read More]

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Infographic: Supermarket Turkey vs. Wild Turkey

11/20/15See Comments

Today’s turkey-lover has two choices: there is the turkey most Americans purchase in supermarkets — an artificial product of careful breeding and industrial farming methods. And then there’s the...[Read More]


10 Things About Albert Einstein You Didn’t Know

11/18/15See Comments

Wednesday, November 25th is a big day for fans of scientific breakthroughs that re-shape our understanding of how the universe operates. One hundred years ago, Albert Einstein...[Read More]


Brian Greene and Stephen Colbert discuss Einstein

11/12/15See Comments

Physicist Brian Greene joined Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show” last night to walk Stephen through the finer points of one of science’s most influential theories...[Read More]


World Science Festival Arrives in Brisbane, Australia in 2016

11/12/15See Comments

Come for the sun and the sand. Stay for the string theory and the space-time. A collection of the world’s leading thinkers on subjects like...[Read More]


Timeline: Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity

11/10/15See Comments

One hundred years ago this month, Einstein discovered the general theory of relativity. This interactive timeline follows Einstein’s early progress from his brilliant but rebellious school days to his first...[Read More]


100 Years of the General Theory of Relativity

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It was 100 years ago this month that Einstein delivered four lectures to the Prussian Academy of Sciences in Berlin, which culminated in his discovery of...[Read More]

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Infographic: Sorting Through Our Space Junk

11/01/15See Comments

This infographic provides some insight into the litter we have scattered over space over the decades. Space junk, which scientists call orbital debris, poses direct...[Read More]


The Ethics of Drinking Coffee Vs. Zapping the Brain

11/01/15See Comments

Lots of people drink coffee and enjoy chocolate. We love our caffeine. But how is that different than zapping our brains? Why isn’t that common? How do our thoughts on...[Read More]


Photo of the Day: Gut Feeling

10/31/15See Comments

This magnified mouse colon is teeming with human gut bacteria (red). A layer of mucus (green) separates the microbes from the colon tissue (blue). The...[Read More]