The Race To Neutralize A Cunning Killer

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The deadliest animal in the world isn’t the shark, the tiger, or the elephant: It’s the diminutive female Anopheles mosquito, which deals out hundreds of thousands of...[Read More]


Scientists: Let’s Stop Testing Quack Alternative Medicine

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Proponents of alternative medicines like homeopathy and reiki are making a play for scientific legitimacy in labs across the nation, despite little evidence of efficacy found...[Read More]

SMART READS_Myth of Mirror Neurons_update

Smart Reads: Gregory Hickok’s ‘The Myth of Mirror Neurons’

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Mirror neurons seemed like a revelation when they were first discovered—cells that light up both when you move to grasp an object and when you...[Read More]


Could Snakes, Toads, and Scorpions Treat Cancer?

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Generally, most of us try to get through life without having to cross paths with a venomous animal. But the dangerous substances in a snake’s...[Read More]


Is This Bomb Big Enough?

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Morale is still low at Los Alamos as episode 4 of Manhattan dawns: The implosion group is finding the loss of Sidney Lao’s mathematical expertise...[Read More]


This Week in Science: Stardust Hitchhikers, Butterfly-headed Pterosaurs, and a Robot Swarm

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Seven days; lots of science in the news. Here’s our roundup of this week’s most notable and quotable items. Seven grains of rock scooped up...[Read More]


Dungeons & Dragons & Probabilities: A Rolling Intro To Statistics

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Dungeons & Dragons has introduced many a young kid to the joys of storytelling, hanging around in basements without parental supervision, and math. The dice...[Read More]


Cinema Peer Review: ‘Into the Storm’

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New disaster flick Into the Storm is overwrought and predictable, but it does get some tornado science right. Sharknado this is not; the movie is...[Read More]

Drill Rig

How The Frack Do They Do It? Hydraulic Fracturing 101

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Recently in New York City, protesters took to the boardwalk in the Rockaways to voice opposition to the Rockaway Lateral Project, which aims to install...[Read More]


Smart Reads: Wallace J. Nichols’s ‘Blue Mind’

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Marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols is, unsurprisingly, fascinated with water. But his interest isn’t limited to sea creatures; Nichols is fascinated by how water attracts...[Read More]