Bad Luck Asteroid: How The Dinosaurs Died (And Might’ve Survived)

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A giant asteroid was just the 10-kilometer-wide straw that broke the Triceratops’ back. According to a new paleontological study, the strike from space thought to


The Science Behind New TV Drama ‘Manhattan’ (Episode 1)

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Manhattan, the new dramatic series on WGN America about scientists racing to create the atom bomb at Los Alamos, plays fast and loose with history,


The Best Science-Themed Comics To Read Right Now

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We delved into the physics and chemistry of comic book superheroes earlier this week, but there are some paneled pages where science doesn’t lurk beneath a cape.


This Week In Science: Snipping Out HIV, Gas-Guzzling Lobster And Expensive Old Poop

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Seven days; lots of science in the news. Here’s our roundup of this week’s most notable and quotable items: Researchers found a way to delete HIV


Smart Everything: A Visit To The NYC Wearable Tech Expo

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At New York City’s Javits Center this week, people were waving their hands around in front of bulky glasses, throwing up what looked like dorky


Why Is HIV So Hard To Kill?

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Humanity’s war against the HIV has been a constantly shifting battle, thanks to the wily nature of the virus. But humans, being quite wily themselves,


Superhero Science: How To Fly, Control The Weather, And Hulk Out

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Superheroes in comics and movies have powers beyond what we mere humans can dream of—and we’re not just talking about looking good in spandex. But


The Long Shadow Of The Manhattan Project Part II: Ethics In The Atomic Age

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Last week, we explored the Manhattan Project’s scientific legacy: new opportunities for energy, medicine, and spaceflight, and the beginnings of massive, government-funded science. But hundreds


Cinema Peer Review: ‘I Origins’

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Despite an excessively maudlin depiction of a philosophical odd-couple romance, Mike Cahill’s new science fiction film ‘I Origins’ does manage to create a somewhat plausible


Five Alternate Uses for the Moon

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Forty-five years after man landed on the moon, more people than ever are looking at new ways to get back there. Since Apollo 17 left