For the first time, NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has detected little spheres of carbon, called buckyballs, in a galaxy beyond our Milky Way galaxy.

This Week in Science: Graphene Springs, Buckyballs in Space, and Stressed-Out Plants

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Seven days, lots of science in the news. Here’s our roundup of some of the week’s most notable and quotable items. Materials scientists can turn sheets...[Read More]


Spider Expert Linda Rayor Reviews ‘Lavalantula’

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Seeking Employment: Skilled spider biologist seeking opportunities to serve as a scientific consultant on movies starring or utilizing spiders in the plot. Horror, adventure, or...[Read More]


How the Army Learned the Hard Way Relative Motion Is Real

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When the GPS system was first put into place by the U.S. military, they ran into an unexpected problem that only physics could solve. Theoretical...[Read More]


Photo of the Day: Heavy Metals

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The Super-Kamiokande (or “Super-K”) detector is one of the largest neutrino detectors on Earth, and it may soon get a lot better at hunting for...[Read More]


Reality Since Einstein

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Albert Einstein left an astonishing legacy. But not even the general theory of relativity was the last frontier of physics. In this program from the...[Read More]


The ‘Blue Marble’ Shot Through History

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In order to take the best group photo of all time, you’ll need technology that’s a little more advanced than a selfie stick. Fortunately, NASA...[Read More]


MOMIX Mixes Elements and Theatrics in ‘Alchemia’

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Ancient alchemists sought to change metals into gold, but the innovative dance troupe MOMIX achieves something at once more real and more ethereal in its new...[Read More]


Native American Family Tree May Have a New Root

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Before space, North and South America were the final frontiers for humans. And thanks to genetic analysis, the story of those intrepid explorers who crossed...[Read More]


This Week in Science: A Hitchhiking Robot, a Four-Legged Snake, and the Mystery of ‘Hair Ice’ Solved

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Seven days, lots of science in the news. Here’s our roundup of some of the week’s most notable and quotable items: Stephen Hawking is one...[Read More]


Why Can’t We See Other Dimensions?

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If, as string theory predicts, there are more than three dimensions in space, why can’t we see them? In this video, World Science Festival co-founder...[Read More]