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Why An Addicted Brain Is Its Own Worst Enemy

08/27/14See Comments

Drug addiction creates a hellish feedback loop in the brain: Neuroscientists think that the same drugs that invite abuse also weaken areas of the brain...[Read More]

SMART READS_message from martha

Smart Reads: Mark Avery’s ‘A Message from Martha’

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How was the world’s most abundant bird driven to extinction in less than a century? That’s the core question British naturalist Mark Avery asks in...[Read More]

Coffee Beans

Is It Safe To Caffeinate Your Kids?

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Think back to your first cup of coffee: Did it come after dinner in college, as you prepared for your first all-nighter…or over breakfast in...[Read More]


The Next Big Thing In Telescopes

08/25/14See Comments

Galileo Galilei was not the originator of the telescope, but in 1609 he did provide a crucial design advance by fitting concave and convex lenses...[Read More]


Sailing To The End Of The World

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The melting of ice in the Arctic is doing even more than raising the levels of the seas—it’s opening new frontiers. Hundreds of square miles...[Read More]


This Week In Science: Space Plankton, Life Under Ice, And Big City Spiders

08/22/14See Comments

Seven days; lots of science in the news. Here’s our roundup of this week’s most notable and quotable items: Russian cosmonauts said they found sea plankton growing...[Read More]


The Race To Neutralize A Cunning Killer

08/21/14See Comments

The deadliest animal in the world isn’t the shark, the tiger, or the elephant: It’s the diminutive female Anopheles mosquito, which deals out hundreds of thousands of...[Read More]


Scientists: Let’s Stop Testing Quack Alternative Medicine

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Proponents of alternative medicines like homeopathy and reiki are making a play for scientific legitimacy in labs across the nation, despite little evidence of efficacy found...[Read More]

SMART READS_Myth of Mirror Neurons_update

Smart Reads: Gregory Hickok’s ‘The Myth of Mirror Neurons’

08/20/14See Comments

Mirror neurons seemed like a revelation when they were first discovered—cells that light up both when you move to grasp an object and when you...[Read More]


Could Snakes, Toads, and Scorpions Treat Cancer?

08/19/14See Comments

Generally, most of us try to get through life without having to cross paths with a venomous animal. But the dangerous substances in a snake’s...[Read More]