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Date: Sunday June 2, 2013
Time: 04:00 PM-05:15 PM
Venue: Scientist’s Apprentice Central
Participants: Wendy Suzuki

Think your brain looks like a walnut or a big wrinkly sponge? Take a look deep inside the brain of a sheep in this dissecting lab with New York University’s Wendy Suzuki. Research alongside our neuroscientist to explore just what makes us move, think and grow strong.

Number of Apprentices: 20
Ages: 8+

Parents: This is a drop-off program for children. There is a waiting area nearby.

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Neuroscientist, Psychologist

Wendy Suzuki is a professor of neural science and psychology at New York University. Her research focuses on two main questions. First, she is interested in understanding how our brains allow us to learn and retain new long-term memories for facts and events. Second, she is interested in understanding the effects of aerobic exercise on our brain’s learning memory and cognitive abilities. Suzuki is a recipient of numerous grants and awards for her research including the Lindsley Prize from the Society for Neuroscience, the prestigious Troland Research award from the National Academy of Sciences and NYU’s Golden Dozen Teaching award. She is also a popular lecturer at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

In addition to research and teaching she is also passionate about supporting women in science. She has teamed with Gaby Jordan, president of the education division of the Handel Group to found an organization first called “Empowering Women in Science” and now called “Empowering Young Scientists” that is currently running leadership training seminars for students and faculty at universities around the country. Suzuki has also been featured in Anne Leibovitz’s photographic essay book entitled Women.