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Science in the Square

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The World Science Festival brings science to the crossroads of the world, Times Square. From May 31 – June 3, the Festival will descend on Times Square with activities, demonstrations, and installations that educate, entertain, and inspire, providing the public a greater appreciation of our ever-changing planet — and our relationship to it. The programming includes an Energy Floor dance area that converts the energy of human motion into useable electricity; a large LED video wall that powerfully illustrates how global warming is fundamentally changing the earth’s topography; talks, demonstrations, and much more.

One centerpiece will be Holoscenes, an epic performance-installation that viscerally connects everyday actions to climate change. Born of the widely-shared concern that water — from rising seas, intensifying floods, and extended droughts — will be a defining issue of the 21st century, Holoscenes takes place in a twelve ton glass aquarium which, over the course of five hours each day, periodically floods and drains, requiring a rotating cast of performers to creatively respond to changing levels of water. Holoscenes will be performed from 6pm to 11pm, June 1 – 3.

Photo: Sam Javanrouh

Holoscenes was created by Lars Jan and Early Morning Opera. It is co-presented by World Science Festival and Times Square Arts, and was originally produced by MAPP International Productions.

Holoscenes Preview


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