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Photo of the Day: Green Goodness

10/13/15See Comments

The kiwifruit is a nutritional powerhouse, packing one of the highest quantities of vitamin C among fruits while providing high doses of folic acid, potassium, chromium,...[Read More]


Photo of the Day: Into the Blue

10/12/15See Comments

Bioluminescence in Australia’s Gippsland Lakes near the Tasman Sea. Bioluminescence, which refers to light produced and emitted by living organisms, is not fully understood in...[Read More]


Photo of the Day: Cold Realities

10/11/15See Comments

More than 80 percent of Greenland is covered by ice, some of which is more than 110,000 years old. The 57,000 people who call the...[Read More]


Photo of the Day: Spiraling in Control

10/10/15See Comments

Found in abundance and on every continent, the fossils of ammonites, an extinct, squid-like cephalopod that existed 419-66 million years ago, feature a naturally occurring...[Read More]


Photo of the Day: High Dunes

10/09/15See Comments

The so-called “star dunes” of Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert, which feature limbs of sand extending out like points of a star, form when the...[Read More]


Free Will Versus the Brain: What’s Going on When We ‘Make Decisions’

10/08/15See Comments

2015 Festival Program Mind Over Masters: The Question of Free Will | 1:22:38 | Featuring Christof Koch, Tamar Kushnir, Alfred Mele, and Azim Shariff with physician and journalist Emily...[Read More]


Photo of the Day: Spotting the Invisible

10/08/15See Comments

While they’ve been around for billions of years, neutrinos came to life in 1930 as the brainchild of Wolfgang Pauli. And though trillions of them...[Read More]

WSU_Science Unplugged_shutterstock_2680393

What Is the ‘Spin’ of a Particle?

10/07/15See Comments

Electrons have a number of unchanging qualities that describe them among which is spin. World Science Festival co-founder and Columbia University physicist Brian Greene has...[Read More]


‘Tiny Ghosts': A Music Video About Neutrinos

10/07/15See Comments

The 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Takaaki Kajita of the University of Tokyo and Arthur B. McDonald of Queen’s University in Canada for their separate...[Read More]


Does It Matter If Free Will Does Not Exist?

10/07/15See Comments

Segment from the 2015 WSF program Mind Over Masters: The Question of Free Will | 4:33 | Featuring psychologist Azim Shariff with physician and journalist...[Read More]