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What will we learn from the detection of gravitational waves?

02/11/16See Comments

Today’s discovery of gravitational waves is a landmark in physics history. It confirms predictions Einstein made over 100 years ago. But what other kinds of...[Read More]

gravitational waves

The Landmark Discovery of Gravitational Waves

02/11/16See Comments

Brian Greene explains the spectacular confirmation of Einstein’s prediction and the leap forward this promises for our understanding of the universe....[Read More]


Timeline: Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity

02/11/16See Comments

One hundred years ago this month, Einstein discovered the general theory of relativity. This interactive timeline follows Einstein’s early progress from his brilliant but rebellious school days to his first...[Read More]

Artist's impression of the surroundings of the supermassive bla

When Black Holes Collide

02/11/16See Comments

When two black holes spiral towards each other and collide, they produce powerful gravitational waves. Scientists do not know much about these waves right now,...[Read More]


Reality Since Einstein

02/11/16See Comments

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s general theory of relativity, leaders from multiple fields of physics discuss its essential insights, its lingering questions,...[Read More]


Robert Woodrow Wilson: Tuning in to the Big Bang

02/11/16See Comments

When astronomer Robert Woodrow Wilson and physicist Arno Allan Penzias were testing a new type of antenna, they hardly expected their work would lead to...[Read More]

astronomys_new_messengers 1

Astronomy’s New Messengers

02/10/16See Comments

Marcia Bartusiak joins Kip Thorne, Laura Danly and Rainer Weiss to demonstrate how two observatories on opposite sides of the country, called LIGO (Laser Interferometer...[Read More]


Infographic: How Do Animals Sleep?

01/27/16See Comments

Humans spend one third of their lives catching some zzzzzz. That may seem like a lot of time, but a koala requires more than double...[Read More]

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Trace Our Human Origins with Paleoanthropologist Lee Berger

01/21/16See Comments

Distinguished explorer and paleoanthropologist Lee Berger has made incredible discoveries in the search for human ancestors. Many of those discoveries are now at the heart...[Read More]


To Explain the World: A Conversation With Steven Weinberg

01/19/16See Comments

How did humanity invent science? In this program from the 2015 World Science Festival, Nobel Prize-winning physicist and revered public intellectual Steven Weinberg explores this...[Read More]