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ARCTIC OCEAN (March 19, 2011) Sailors and members of the Applied Physics Laboratory Ice Station clear ice from the hatch of the Seawolf-class submarine USS Connecticut (SSN 22) as it surfaces above the ice during ICEX 2011. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kevin S. O'Brien/Released)

Photo of the Day: Low Tech

09/04/15See Comments

One feature of the USS Connecticut, shown here, is an escape trunk, something inventor Simon Lake is credited with designing. Born on this date in...[Read More]


Photo of the Day: Going Viral

09/03/15See Comments

Modern virology owes a lot to Thomas Milton Rivers who was born on this date in 1888. Rivers, aka the “father of modern virology,” began...[Read More]


Who Says Humans Are Unique, Anyway?

09/02/15See Comments

2015 Festival Short: From Planet of the Humans | 5:35 | Featuring Lee Berger A number of human features seem to distinguish humans from primates and other...[Read More]

Kevin Mackenzie, University of Aberdeen_800

Photo of the Day: Golf Ball Eye

09/02/15See Comments

Like most insects, the greenfly has a pair of compound eyes. Each eye is made up of a cluster of thousands of light-sensing units called...[Read More]

Carbon Cycle

Photo of the Day: Champagne Pool

09/01/15See Comments

Champagne Pool is one of several hot springs in Waiotapu, New Zealand. Visible in this picture as a cream-colored, raised surface is a rim of...[Read More]

In this 2007 photo provided by the BBC, Neurologist Oliver Sacks poses at a piano while holding a model of a brain at the Chemistry Auditorium, University College London in London.  Noted neurologist Oliver Sacks has found common ground with the pastor of Harlem's Abyssinian Baptist Church: Both men believe in the healing power of music. Sacks, the best-selling author of "Awakenings" and "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat," was to share the church stage Saturday with the famed gospel choir as part of the inaugural World Science Festival, a five-day celebration of science taking place in New York this week. (AP Photo/BBC, Adam Scourfield) ** NO SALES **

Remembering Acclaimed Neurologist and Author Oliver Sacks

08/31/15See Comments

The neurologist and best-selling author Oliver Sacks was a great friend of the World Science Festival, joining our Board of Advisors when the Festival was just...[Read More]


Photo of the Day: Water Creatures

08/31/15See Comments

No, this is not an egg floating in a pool. It’s a jellyfish. Jellyfish are only five percent solid matter. Water makes up the other...[Read More]


Photo of the Day: Defying Gravity

08/30/15See Comments

Since becoming the first African American NASA astronaut on this day in 1979, Guion Bluford, Jr., has spent more than 688 hours in space. This...[Read More]

Aerial view of wetlands and open water in NWR

Photo of the Day: Biological Barricades

08/29/15See Comments

Wetlands are a vital natural buffer against strong waves and storms—they absorb wave energy and leave less open water available for the wind to form...[Read More]


Photo of the Day: Breaking Out

08/28/15See Comments

The characteristic “chocolate brownie” surface texture of pāhoehoe lava (which is Hawaiian for “smooth” or “billowy”) is evident in this photograph of a pahoehoe breakout...[Read More]