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Q&A With NASA Astrophysicist Amber Straughn

05/29/15See Comments

NASA astrophysicist Amber Straughn, who’s appearing in the 2015 World Science Festival program “Cool Jobs,” is working on the next big thing in space science:...[Read! More]

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 10.35.36 AM

The Dark Secrets of Our Accelerating Universe

05/29/15See Comments

To the best of our knowledge, good old everyday matter constitutes just 3 percent of the universe. Another 27 percent or so is thought to...[Read! More]


Photo of the Day: Roving Rover

05/29/15See Comments

Kids got to experience robotic rovers in a very up-close and personal way at the Space Exploration exhibit on Pier 86—which is open throughout this...[Read! More]


‘Spark of Genius’: Better Thinking Through Electricity?

05/28/15See Comments

The brain, neuroscientist Michael Weisend points out, is an electrical organ—so it makes sense that electricity should affect it. For years, scientists and hobbyists alike...[Read! More]


Photo of the Day: Light Falls

05/28/15See Comments

Actor Michael Winther, appearing here as Albert Einstein in Brian Greene’s new dramatic work “Light Falls,” portrays the storm of creativity and frustration the great physicist...[Read! More]

Human UniquenessSALON

Origin Stories: The History of Us

05/28/15See Comments

Solving the puzzle of how we humans developed the unique traits that separate us from our ancient ancestors is a full-time, multidisciplinary pursuit. From fossils...[Read! More]


Photo of the Day: Step by Step

05/27/15See Comments

Terraces can be a particularly effective form of agriculture. The stepped landscape guards against erosion and runoff, and allows farmers to make use of steep...[Read! More]


Typical American Diet Can Damage Immune System

05/26/15See Comments

This post was written by Laura Beil and published by Science News, a WSF15 media partner. Blair River was described as “a big guy with...[Read! More]


Photo of the Day: It’s Nice to Vent

05/26/15See Comments

This false-color satellite image of the volcano Mount Etna in Sicily showing several vents near the summit spewing forth volcanic gases. The red areas are...[Read! More]


Photo of the Day: This Little Light

05/25/15See Comments

The rays of light that shine through clouds have a special name: crepuscular rays. And although the rays appear to be converging, that’s just a...[Read! More]