Tracy Day

Tracy Day 200x200
Co-founder and CEO, World Science Festival

Tracy Day co-founded the World Science Festival in 2008 with world-renowned physicist and best-selling author Brian Greene. She serves as the Festival’s CEO and oversees its creative and programmatic offerings. A four-time National News Emmy award-winning journalist, she has produced live and documentary programming for the nation’s preeminent television news divisions for more than two decades. At ABC News she was producer for This Week with David Brinkley, editorial and field producer for Nightline, and story editor for the news magazine Day One. She produced on-location coverage of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Nelson Mandela’s release from prison in South Africa, the refugee crisis in Haiti, drug cartels in Colombia, the aftermath of Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in Baghdad and the exodus of Iraqi Kurds into Iran in the wake of the Gulf War, and many other major international stories. Domestically, she covered the San Francisco earthquake, Oklahoma City bombing, the O.J. Simpson criminal trial, the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster, and numerous presidential elections. Ms. Day has produced documentaries, specials, and live town meeting broadcasts for PBS, The Discovery Channel, CNN, Lifetime, and CNBC. In addition to Emmy Awards, she won a Hugo Award, a 2004 Clarion Award, and the CINE Golden Eagle for investigative journalism. Ms. Day is a graduate of Duke University and has been an adjunct professor in the Leadership and the Arts program at the Sanford Institute for Public Policy.