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The World Science Festival gathers great minds in science and the arts to produce live and digital content that allows a broad general audience to engage with scientific discoveries. Through discussions, debates, theatrical works, interactive explorations, musical performances, intimate salons, and major outdoor experiences, the Festival takes science out of the laboratory and into the streets, parks, museums, galleries and premier performing arts venues of New York City and beyond.

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“At 50 events over five days, see why this broad-thinking festival has attracted not only great scientific thinkers like Stephen Hawking and E.O. Wilson but performance luminaries like John Lithgow, Philip Glass, Julie Taymore, and Alan Alda. It’s chock-full of fascinating looks at the intersections among math, science, and art.”

—The New Yorker (5/30/16)


“It’ll certainly transform the city over these five days, with fifty events, in a myriad of venues, bringing together the brightest minds across the fields of biology, medicine, technology, and more to show how deeply science is embedded in our daily city life.”

—New York Magazine (5/30/16)


“… the festival has by now carved out a place in the city’s cultural scene.”

—New York Times (5/30/15)


It’s not your typical muggy Sunday street fair. Astronauts share their tips for going to the bathroom in space, kids play with computer microscopes and food trucks compete for road space with robots. As the 2015 World Science Festival wrapped up today in New York City, crowds came out to practice their space surfing, launch rockets, and learn a little more about how our world works.”

—Forbes (5/3/15)


“What a joy to see so many kids (and adults!) going bananas after getting their first looks at the Moon, Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter. What a glorious Saturday night we had.”
—Astronomy Magazine (6/1/2015)