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World Science Academy

World Science Academy is a pre-college program for New York City high school students and educators that provides exclusive access to renowned scientists in a multitude of environments. With in-person and online activities tailored to student interests, high school students can gain a lifelong interest in the sciences while teachers advance their own learning. World Science Academy’s distinguished scientists include Brian Greene, Nora Volkow, Lee Berger, Ellen Stofan, and Gabriela González.

For Students

Experience and learn about the potential for science to change your schooling, your career, and your life.

– Meet and study with world leading scientists
– Visit top university research labs and meet lab directors
– Receive hands-on scientific training in the field
– Attend World Science Festival programs
– Enhance pre-college experience and college application credentials
– Earn a World Science Academy certificate

For Educators

Explore unique and memorable ways to take teaching to the next level.

– Participate in professional development courses led by top experts and attend a corresponding theatrical lecture with students
– Attend courses taught by world-renowned scientists and Nobel Laureates as a World Science U for a Day Fellow
– Visit labs of working scientists
– Attend World Science Festival programs featuring leading scientists


– FALL 2019: Precision Medicine Introductory Sessions and Workshops
– WINTER 2020: Neuroscience Introductory Session, Workshops, and Lab Tours
– SPRING 2019: Urban Agriculture Introductory Session
Lab Tours and Workshops on topics ranging from Astrophysics and Gravitational Waves to Computational Biology and Genetic Engineering
– MAY 2020: Pioneers in Science