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Daniel Sieberg

CEO, Journalist

Daniel Sieberg is the CEO and founder of iO—a startup building an empathic AI/AR experience in service of what humans need. He also advises other startups including Pressland and Ground. He’s previously been the co-founder of a blockchain-based startup and left Google in 2017 after spending six years there building two teams in support of journalism and innovation and serving as Google spokesperson. Previously Sieberg spent 15 years covering technology, science, space, and the environment for outlets including CBS News, CNN and ABC News and regularly contributed to a variety of news organizations including the BBC, PBS, MSNBC, Discovery Channel, Salon, and Details. Sieberg has been nominated for five News and Documentary Emmy Awards and regularly speaks at events around the world. His first book, The Digital Diet, was published in 2011 (Crown/Random House) and he started his career as a reporter at the Vancouver Sun covering business, civics, and tech. He has a master’s degree in journalism with a focus on technology (UBC) and an undergraduate degree in writing (UVic). Sieberg has had the good fortune to travel to more than 65 countries and remains proudest of his achievement as a Chief Scout in Canada. Sieberg is a dual US/Canadian citizen and currently lives in Brooklyn with his two daughters.

Past Programs Featuring Daniel Sieberg

Friday, May 31, 2019 | 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm