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Anthropologist’s Apprentice: DNA Extraction and Analysis

Sunday, June 1, 2014
2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

The Apprentice programs are small, hands-on workshops in which enthusiastic renowned scientists in interesting fields educate the curious.

Get up close and personal with yourself by extracting DNA from your own spit! Every cell in your body contains a copy of the instructions that make you…well, you. Your DNA determines everything from the color of your hair to whether you’ll enjoy certain foods, as well as more serious things like whether you’re likely to contract a certain disease. Come take a peek at your own fascinating genome, and learn how scientists examine DNA for everything from solving crimes to improving tomatoes to tracing your ancestors.

This is a drop-off workshop where young scientists learn directly from leading scientists, technologists, and innovators. Ages: 6th grade and above.

This program is supported by the Bezos Family Foundation.


Todd DisotellBiological Anthropologist

Todd Disotell is a biological anthropologist who researches primate and human evolution. He runs NYU’s Molecular Primatology Laboratory, a research group that has developed molecular analysis techniques and helped clarify the primate evolutionary tree.

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