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Bioart in the Age of Terrorism

Thursday, May 29, 2008
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

This collaboration with Eyebeam Art & Technology Center was a provocative and timely exploration of controversial questions about the use of bio-materials as a medium for artistic expression.

Moderated by Carl Zimmer, the program used the case of Steven Kurtz, a bio artist accused of illegally obtaining bio-medical materials, as a springboard for discussion about the ethics of scientific and creative research. Featured in addition to Kurtz, bioethicist George Annas and author Eugene Thacker.


Carl ZimmerJournalist, Author

Carl Zimmer is an award-winning columnist for the New York Times and the author of 13 books about science. His reporting has earned awards from the National Academies of Science, the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, and the Online Journalism Association.

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George AnnasBioethicist

George Annas is the author or editor of seventeen books on health law and bioethics and is cofounder of Global Lawyers and Physicians, an organization that promotes human rights and health. He is the Edward R. Utley Professor and Chair of the Department of Health Law, Bioethics & Human Rights of Boston University School of Public Health.

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Eugene ThackerAuthor

Eugene Thacker is the author of several books and articles that combine philosophy, science, and technology, including Biomedia, The Global Genome, and The Exploit: A Theory of Networks which he co-authored with Alexander Galloway. He has collaborated with art collectives Biotech Hobbyist and the Radical Software Group.

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Steve KurtzBioartist

Steven Kurtz is a co-founder of the multi award-winning art and theater collective, Critical Art Ensemble, an organization that performs and exhibits art about information, communications, and biotechnologies. He is also a Professor of Visual Studies at SUNY at Buffalo.

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