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Chemist’s Apprentice

Sunday, June 2, 2019
11:00 am - 12:15 pm EST

Look around at the everyday products in your life, like toothpaste, hair gel, shampoo. If you were to make these products yourself, which chemicals would you use? How do chemists figure out what ingredients will work together? Join chemists Elizabeth Knapp, Shannon Louie and Gloria Huang and Christopher Wolyniak of Avon Worldwide for an exploration into monomers and polymers to experiment with making your own hair products just like bench chemists do.

A student-only program for kids currently enrolled in grades 5-8. Parents/Guardians should drop off their children for this event.

Supported by the Bezos Family Foundation.


Christopher WolyniakChemist

Christopher Wolyniak is the senior manager of the Analytical Department in Research and Development at Avon Products, Inc., based at the Avon Global Innovation Center in Suffern, New York. He leads a team of chemists focused on developing ways to characterize and measure compounds and materials in cosmetic and personal care products, supporting all of Avon’s product categories.

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Gloria P. HuangResearch Scientist

Gloria P. Huang is a research scientist in the New Technology group in Research and Development at Avon Products, Inc. She works to develop innovations for skin care and color cosmetics by combining her love of research and collaboration to help uncover ways to delight consumers around the world.

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Shannon LouieChemist

Shannon Louie is a chemist in the Global R&D Regulatory Operations & Ingredient Coordination group at Avon Products, Inc. She works with ingredient suppliers to maintain Avon’s Raw Ingredient specifications to ensure a robust safety and technical evaluation of new materials and compliance with product related regulations.

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Liz KnappChemist

Liz Knapp is a senior chemist in the New Technology group in Research and Development at Avon Products, Inc. In this role, she uses her skill in science and art to develop new skin care and color cosmetics. She enjoys working on teams to come up with innovations to help consumers around the world look and feel like their best selves.

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