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Cicada Serenades: Music, Mating, and Meaning

Saturday, June 1, 2013
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

After 17 years underground, cicadas throughout the Northeast are emerging in time for the 2013 World Science Festival to sing, mate and die. Amid a buzzing, whirring chorus, we examine the extraordinary mating rituals of these and other six-legged creatures to find out what their songs are saying, why they’re saying it, and how this knowledge is impacting our understanding of communication, behavior, and the ecosystem. The conversation is punctuated by a musical performance between the bugs and their human collaborators. Ticket price includes one All-Garden Pass for the day to The New York Botanical Garden, granting access to exhibitions and programs including Wild Medicine: Healing Plants Around the World, The Edible Garden, and Science Open House behind-the-scenes tours (first come, first served).

Presented in collaboration with The New York Botanical Garden.


Dan HarrisNews Correspondent, Anchor

Dan Harris was named co-anchor of ABC News’ weekend edition of Good Morning America in October 2010. Additionally, Harris is a New York-based correspondent for ABC News’ broadcasts and platforms.

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David RothenbergPhilosopher, Musician, Author

Musician and philosopher, David Rothenberg, is the author of Survival of the Beautiful: Art, Science, and Evolution, Bug Music, and a CD of the same name featuring music made out of encounters with the entomological world.

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John CooleyEnvironmental Scientist

John Cooley grew up fascinated by the natural world in general and cicadas in particular. He spent a number of years studying flies in high alpine meadows of Colorado and exploring the mountains of the Front Range.

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Ronald HoyNeurobiologist

Ronald Hoy is the David and Dorothy Merksamer Professor in biology at Cornell University. Besides teaching at Cornell, he has taught neuroscience and behavior at Cold Spring Harbor Labs and at the marine biological laboratory in Woods Hole, where he was a director of the neural systems and behavior course and, later, director of the Grass Foundation summer fellows program.

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Marlene ZukAuthor, Biologist, Professor

Marlene Zuk is a biologist and writer who is interested in sex, evolution, and behavior. She is especially interested in the ways that parasites and disease influence those issues. Her current research focuses on rapid evolution and mating behavior in field crickets that live in Hawaii.

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