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CITY OF SCIENCE: Hands-on Science Activities for You and Your Kids

Sunday, June 3, 2018
10:00 am - 5:00 pm EST


Join the World Science Festival and Con Edison for this larger-than-life, touring event where the wondrous properties of science, technology, engineering, and math collide. Filled with interactive demonstrations, hands-on activities, and enormous exhibitions, this FREE program unleashes everyone’s inner scientist.

City of Science is FREE and open to the public. RSVP not required, but encouraged. RSVP HERE!


This program is presented by Con Edison.

Program Details:

Join us for a full-day of interactive science exhibits featured throughout Washington Square Park and the NYU Kimmel Center.

Amateur Astronomers Association of NY: Observe the sun through filtered telescopes operated with amateur astronomers.

BioBus: Check out samples of daphnia, flies, ants, or plants using research microscopes on the BioBus’ premiere of it’s newest mobile lab.

Biomimicry & Camouflage: Inventions and Innovation Inspired By Nature

braiNY: Trick your senses, test your memory, and play with your brain with neuroscientists.

Brookhaven National Laboratory: Particle Beam Madness

Chain Reaction: Hope on an electricity-generating bicycle and conducts power experiments

CREST Institute, City College of New York: Try your hand at tossing a globe into a bucket while rotating on the Coriolis spinner.

DiscNY: Take control of a zero gravity toys and learn about the forces in frisbee

Galileo’s Marble Run: Run marbles through electronic gates and while playing with Galileo’s inclined plane.

IceCube Neutrino Observatory: See how the biggest and strangest telescope in the world explores the universe with signals from ghostly neutrinos.

Jupiter Joe’s Sidewalk Astronomy: Learn about the solar system and robotic space exploration in an out of this world experience.

Know Science
Exploring the science of movement with the latest technology behind motion capture and next generation video games.

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory: Explore the deepest interior of Earth to the outer reaches of its atmosphere while getting your hands dirty with volcanoes, meteorites, and more.

Liberty Science Center: Assist with underwater archaeology such as underwater robots, sediment sifting, preservation and mapping.

LIGO Scientific Collaboration: Learn how gravitational-waves are detected, and whether we can detect light simultaneously from the same cosmic source.

Me vs. Animals: Jump as far as a grasshopper or jack rabbit; then compare your feet to a T-Rex footprint.

Molloy College/CERCOM: Meet living fossils, horseshoe crabs, and learn how they are important to human health and to the conservation of migratory bird species.

MoMath, National Museum of Mathematics: Build a massive mathematical sculpture based entirely on pentagons.

New York Hall of Science: Test what flies, floats, and falls in wind tunnels.

Newton’s Beads & The Walking Chain: Defy gravity with long chains of beads.

NYC FIRST: Drive a robot with FIRST Robotics high school students from FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition.

NYU Materials Research Science and Engineering Center: Explore crystals and their structures under a microscope, including a Do-It-Yourself microscope.

Pendulum Wave: Marvel at the unexpected patterns at this massive kinetic sculpture that explores wave theory.

Pre-K for All: Create giant bubbles.

Rotation Station: Test out gyroscopes and spinning stools and learn about angular momentum.

Science Squad: Participate in competitions throughout the day to build a large Human Electrical Circuit, see who untangles first in a game of Infinity rope, and who can Hula Hoop and balancing birds the longest.

Seismic Accelerator: Send a stack of balls into orbit while conducting Conservation of Energy experiments.

The Domino Effect: Knock over huge dominoes and learn about chain reaction.

The NanoGurus: FTC Robotics Team: Drive robots with this FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics team from Morris Plains, New Jersey.

Thorne Media Virtual Reality: Stare down a T-Rex. Let arrows fly. Create a solar system with your bare hands. Interact with virtual worlds in new ways.

Tug of War on Wheels: Test out your strength or science knowledge in this interactive game that teaches Newton’s Third Law/

U.S. Space & Rocket Center: Hop aboard the Multi Axis Trainer Astronaut Simulator with the Space Camp®, Aviation Challenge® Camp, and Robotics Camp of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.

Walking on Water: Take of your shows and discover if you’ll sink or walk on water…a 10-foot long tank of Non-Newtonian Fluids.

Warped Space Gravity Simulator: Send planets and stars into orbit and play the simulator game in this demonstration of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity.

Backyard Wilderness Eco Projects: Take a guided stroll through Washington Square Park, explore what kinds of birds, insects, and trees live in this urban oasis, and learn how to use the iNaturalist and SEEK apps to become an urban citizen scientist.

Water Bottle Drop: Drop bottles of water with holes to see what happens and learn why this was Einstein’s happiest thought.

Wildlife Conservation Society: Track animals in the wild, while experimenting with shark tagging and camera traps.

Women in Science at NYU: Discover fossils and learn about the difference between a rock and stone tool.


Visit the City of Science Main Stage on Garibaldi Plaza in Washington Square Park and check-out some of the coolest demos, experiments, and scientists.

10:30 AM — Street Science with Australia’s Science Steve

11:00 AM — Horseshoe Crabs 101 with Kyle Maurelli

11:30 PM — High-Tech Baseball with Diamond Kinetics’ Mike Ressler and William “Buddy” Clark

12:00 PM — Astronaut and Aquanaut: Fact or Fiction with Jennifer Swanson

12:30 PM — Life in Space with NASA Astronaut Nicole Stott and NASA Biochemist Scott Smith

1:30 PM — Physics Show with Josh Winter and Yenmin Young

2:00 PM — Street Science with Australia’s Science Steve

2:30 PM — The Amazing World of Bees with Lynn Brunelle

3:00 PM — Brainwaves with NYU Neuroscientist Ryan Shewcraft

3:30 PM — Animals, Ancestors, and Aliens with Anthropologist Kathryn Denning

4:00 PM — Elephant’s Toothpaste with The Tiny Scientist

4:30 PM — Street Science with Australia’s Science Steve