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Eye of the Storm: The Science of Weather – FREE

Saturday, May 31, 2014
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

See our home planet as you’ve never seen it before: projected and animated on a giant, suspended globe, Science on a Sphere®  from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Watch dramatic weather unleash furious historic storms, see special spherical movies about space, tsunamis, and waterfalls, and meet the scientists who study our climate.

This day’s schedule includes:

A full day of interactive weather entertainment and learning, including the spherical films, “Tsunamis” and Water Falls.” Plus interactive presentations about extreme weather, forecasting and a “Best of Science on a Sphere®” seeing the earth at night, Hurricane Sandy, and more.

12pm: Anthropocene – Visualizing Humans as the Dominant Forces of Change on the Planet (NOAA)
12.30pm: Cooking on an Exoplanet – with Steve Howell and Bill Yosses
1.15pm: When the water goes away, run the other way!! Science of TSUNAMIS (NOAA)
1:45pm: Tsunami, a spherical movie
2pm: Cooking on an Exoplanet – with Steve Howell and Bill Yosses
2.45pm: New Horizons, a spherical movie
2:50pm: Water Falls, a spherical movie with introduction by the film maker, Victoria Weeks
3pm: Science on a Sphere film maker Victoria Weeks premieres her new film Pale Blue Dot, and discusses the art of communicating science through film.
3.30pm: The Best of Science on a Sphere” Surface Current, Solar Systems, Air Traffic, Air at Night. Tsunamis (NOAA)


Victoria WeeksFilmmaker

Victoria Weeks is a filmmaker and the founder of Verglas Media, a production company focused on inspiring audiences through the partnership of art and science. Spending over a decade as a science media producer for NASA, Weeks specialized in spherical filmmaking and was the editor of Footprints, the original film for Science On a Sphere (SOS).

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Hilary PeddicordNOAA Education Specialist

Hilary Peddicord is a science educator for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Her work supports the Science On a Sphere program, which uses a massive globe and projection system to explain storms, climate change, and other atmospheric patterns.

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Steve HowellAstrophysicist

Steve B. Howell is currently the Head of Space Science and Astrobiology for the NASA Ames Research Center. He previously was the project scientist for
NASA’s premier exoplanet finding missions: Kepler and K2. Howell has written over 800 scientific publications, numerous popular and technical articles, and has authored and edited eight books on astronomy and astronomical instrumentation.

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Bill YossesChef

William Yosses previously worked as White House executive pastry chef, where he was closely involved with Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative with the goal of reducing childhood health problems related to diet. Other executive pastry chef experience include The Dressing Room in Westport Connecticut, Josephs Citarella in New York City, Bouley Bakery, and Bouley Restaurant.

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