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H2…OH WOW, WIND TURBINES: Hydrokinetic Power Scientist’s Apprentice

Sunday, June 3, 2018
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Clean energy is the holy grail of our sustainable future. We’ve seen great strides in the use of both solar panels and wind turbines, but what about water, our most abundant resource? Come join entrepreneur Trey Taylor on an exploration of new hydropower solutions that have a shot at revolutionizing the future.

This is a student-only program for kids currently enrolled in the 4th grade – 8th grade. Parents/Guardians should drop off their children for this event.

Supported by the Bezos Family Foundation.


Trey TaylorEntrepreneur

Trey Taylor co-founded Verdant Power, a New York-based company. He is a founding member of the American Council on Renewable Energy and recently founded Anchor Coalition – a project of The Ocean Foundation, a non-profit organization – dedicated to securing water and energy for our communities.

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