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Modern MacGyvers: Innovations for a Developing World

Thursday, June 3, 2010
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Extraordinary visionaries are changing lives around the globe–with ideas ranging from microbe-powered dirt batteries to solar-powered camel-transported refrigerators. Carl Zimmer engages with Pamela Ronald and Bevil Conway, as well as biologists, inventors and engineers whose scientific innovations are addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

This program is presented in collaboration with the Museum of Arts & Design.


Carl ZimmerJournalist, Author

Carl Zimmer is an award-winning columnist for the New York Times and the author of 13 books about science. His reporting has earned awards from the National Academies of Science, the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, and the Online Journalism Association.

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Bevil ConwayNeuroscientist, Artist

Bevil Conway, originally from Zimbabwe, is an artist and neuroscientist who researches the neural basis for visual behavior, with a focus on color vision, and investigates the relationship between visual processing and visual art.

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Hugo Van VuurenResearch Fellow

Hugo Van Vuuren helped launch The Laboratory at Harvard, a new platform for idea experimentation in the arts and sciences. Born and raised in South Africa, his endeavors and research focus on Design with Africa and the intersection between technology, design and innovation.

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Benjamin WestStove Maker, Entrepreneur

Benjamin West brings improved cook stoves to less developed countries, working under the philosophy that appropriate technology and entrepreneurship can bring large-scale social, environmental and economic development to the world.

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Winston SoboyejoEngineer

Winston “Wole” Soboyejo’s research focuses on experimental studies of biomaterials, the mechanical behavior of materials and the development of alternative science and technology-driven methods for addressing global development needs in the areas of health, energy and water purification.

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