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Physicist’s & Chemist’s Apprentice: The Science of Milk & Butter

Sunday, June 1, 2014
3:00 pm - 4:15 pm

The Apprentice program are small, hands-on workshops in which enthusiastic renowned scientists in interesting fields educate the curious. Examples of soft matter—things easily deformed by changes in temperature—are all around us, including milk and butter. Chemists and physicists are intrigued by the unique properties of these materials. How can fat and water, which are clear and don’t mix, combine to form white, creamy milk? Using lasers and holograms (yes, you read that correctly), NYU physics professor David Grier and NYU chemistry professor Kent Kirshenbaum lead a fun and futuristic workshop showcasing how we can make and manipulate these fascinating everyday materials.

This is a drop-off workshop where young scientists learn directly from leading scientists, technologists, and innovators. Ages: 3rd grade and above. 

This program is supported by the Bezos Family Foundation.


David GrierPhysicist

David Grier is a physicist specializing in soft condensed matter physics. He is a professor of physics at NYU and has worked on new techniques to probe and manipulate the microscopic world—including using single beams of light imprinted with computer-designed holograms and developing methods of particle tracking.

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Kent KirshenbaumChemist

Kent Kirshenbaum is a professor in the Department of Chemistry at New York University. He has appeared on the Food Network, the Cooking Channel, the Science Channel, the Discovery Channel, Sid the Science Kid (PBS), and at the Wellington-on-a-Plate Festival.

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