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ROBOTS at the Ultimate Science Street Fair

Sunday, June 1, 2014
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Learn to see like a robot see. Hear like a robot hears. Touch. Understand Depth. Then meet dozens of robots that will become commonplace and essential to our daily lives.


Robot Anatomy:

See, hear, feel/touch and perceive depth like a robot.

Robot Brain Surgeon with Mount Sinai Hospital:

Operate on a brain with a robot.

Rock, Paper, Scissors with Yale University:

Play this classic game against an NAO humanoid robot, but watch carefully. He may try to trick you!

Robot Swarm with MoMath:

How does a swarm of 10 robots work? How about 10,000 birds? Or 10,000,000 ants? Be part of a “swarm” collective to learn.

Control Robots with Your Mind with The Think Tank:

Use electricity from your brain to control robots and find out whether your brain is anything like a computer.

Robots with the Liberty Science Center:

Connect different parts of circuits and use different energy sources – then apply the same principles to a programmable Arduino board.
Pocket Science Energy Stick: light up an energy stick by forming a human chain

Bend It Like a Robot with Bowdoin College:

Teach a humanoid NAO robot to kick a ball by moving its legs and registering the movement on a computer – just like in stop-motion animation!

Robot Obstacle Course with Worcester Polytechnic Institute:

Drive a KUKA youBot, a robot arm on wheels, through an obstacle course.

Drive a Planetary Rover with Worcester Polytechnic Institute:

Help Oryx, the planetary rover, collect rock specimens.

TurtleBot Scavenger Hunt with Worcester Polytechnic Institute:

Drive a telepresence robot in Massachusetts while in New York City.

Robot Fish Race with New York University’s School of Engineering:

Build the fins of a robotic fish and race them against other robo-swimmers.

Drone in a Playpen with Brown University:

Robot drone takes flight.

Drive a Beam Robot with Brown University:

Test-drive a telepresence robot, the Beam, around a track.

Robot Free Throw with NYC FIRST Robotics:

Make your robot the star of the team as you toss beach balls into a goal to earn points.

Lego League Challenge with NYC FIRST Robotics:

Operate the winning Lego creation made by children ages 6 to 9 and meet these young inventors.

Museum of Keepons with Yale University:

Capture the gaze of small, yellow, snowman-like Keepon robots.

Bully Stoppers with Yale University:

Decide how to handle a bully with Keepon’s help.

Robot Translator:

Learn a language from a Spanish-speaking Keepon robot.

Nutrition Game with Yale University:

Help DragonBot choose the healthy meals for his upcoming trip and see what happens if you try to sneak a donut in.

Bandit, the Physical TrainBot with University of Southern California:

Play an exercise game with Bandit the robot.

Robo-trivia! with Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Test your knowledge of robots with a trivia game, featuring the robot game show host, the fabulous Ms. AIDA!

Hand-Bird Bots with Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Wake up the Hand-Bird Bots by playing a game on a tablet. The more you play the game, the more the robot arms get excited.

Befriend the Robot with Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

DragonBot wants to be popular, so the more attention it receives, the more it’s rewarded.

“Take Me to Your Data!”
The Computer & Invention Show:

Early computer and gaming systems…all pre-today’s computer on which we program robots.
Mixing in Eureka! Exploring the industrial revolution and mechanical era. See a steam engine, Thomas Edison cylinder phonograph, and windup artifacts.

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