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Science of Disney Imagineering

Saturday, May 31, 2008
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

G-Force simulators, elephants with GPS, turning audience members into video game controllers, sounds coming out of your head, and things that go “boom” — it was all part of the science behind the “make believe” at Walt Disney Imagineering. No one left empty-handed with all the fun giveaways! Did we mention walking dinosaurs, talking turtles, and more surprise guests?

How can one person hear a sound that the person right next to them can’t? Why are we tracking elephants and what are they saying to each other? What happens when you freeze air? Are you up to the challenge of our Roller Coaster simulation?

This event offered a chance to find out all the answers, plus interact with Lucky the Dinosaur, ask Finding Nemo’s Crush questions, and of course, meet the Imagineers, the scientists and engineers of Walt Disney Imagineering. The audience got a glimpse of “make-believe” Disney style as the scientists pulled back the curtain to reveal some of the chemistry, physics, biology and technology behind special effects, roller coasters, computer simulation, and animatronics!