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HOW TO TRAIN YOUR ZOO CREATURE: Zookeeper’s Apprentice

Sunday, June 3, 2018
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Ever wonder how zoo animals from otters to porcupines learn to follow simple commands? Come find out from expert trainers at the Staten Island Zoo, and learn enough about clicker training methods to train your own animals to be calm and well-behaved, whether at the vet, in the park, in transit, in your house, or in your future studies in wildlife conservation.

This is a student-only program for kids currently enrolled in the 4th grade – 8th grade. Parents/Guardians should drop off their children for this event.

Supported by the Bezos Family Foundation.


Joanna NeissAnimal Behaviorist

Joanna Neiss is an animal behaviorist currently working in the Staten Island Zoo’s Education Department. Through her years as a Marine Mammal Trainer, Neiss has gained experience and skills in operant conditioning that can be applied to all species.

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