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Ultimate Science Sunday

Sunday, June 4, 2017
10:00 am - 6:00 pm EST

Ride a hovercraft, control an underwater rover, and face off with virtual reality dinosaurs. This is Ultimate Science Sunday, an action-packed day of robots, catapults, wind tunnels, telescopes, and so much more! Explore floors of interactive exhibits, demonstrations, and games during this immersive science event that you won’t want to miss. This indoor event is free and open to all ages.

Presented by Con Edison.

Ultimate Science Sunday Programs


Society for Science & the Public
Meet winners of some of the nation’s top science student competitions (Regeneron STS, Broadcom MASTERS, Intel ISEF), programs of Society for Science & the Public, learn how to design your own science experiment, and try a few hands-on experiments.

National Ocean Sciences Bowl
Catch a wave and learn how you can work on projects to help the oceans. Meet a young woman, who sailed a boat she built from Connecticut to Ireland!

Future Problem Solving Program
Learn how to use science to solve problems from the Phearless Phragmites Phighters, a team of elementary students who tackled the problem of an invasive plant species in New Jersey.

Tech Zone

Run robots through a series of challenges, including rope climbing with robotics teams from Francis Lewis High School, Urban Assembly School of Global Commerce, Queens Vocational High School and Townsend Harris High School.

Guerilla Science: Intergalactic Travel Bureau
Stroll along the surface of the Moon for a spectacular view of the Earth with the world’s premiere space vacation planning agency, the Intergalactic Travel Bureau virtual reality experience.

Liberty Science Center
Become a biomedical engineer and see the insides of sheep hearts, dive into an interative 4D view of the human body, and match your heartbeat to music.

Con Edison
Hop on a bike and pedal fast to make the Con Edison’s bulb burn bright.

Play soccer with robots designed by New York City students.

Magical Mystery Times
Dive deep into the virtual ocean inside the Yellow Submarine with a VR periscope.

Amateur Astronomers Association of New York
Peer at the sun with solar telescopes.

Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles with Patrick Burke, Yorktown High School, Westchester
Steer an underwater rover and learn how it can see (and hear) underwater.

Museum of Interesting Things
Tinker with tech before high-tech existed with a Thomas Edison cylinder phonograph, mechanical doorbells, and skim through a library of Atari and Commodore 64 games.

The HUMAN Project at NYU
Test your memory and see how you compare with other festival goers at The HUMAN Project booth.

Brookhaven National Laboratory
Control colliding beams, tour a particle accelerator and learn the mysterious powers for electricity and magnetism.

IceCube Neutrino Observatory
Search for neutrinos, the “ghost particle,” that can pass through the Earth undeflected, and exist in three identities at the same time.

Jupiter Joe’s Sidewalk Astronomy
Join Jupiter Joe’s Sidewalk Astronomy and his rover for a trip through a scaled solar system and a microscopic examination of meteors.

LIGO Scientific Collaboration
Head far back in time with LIGO Scientific Collaboration and hear black holes collide.​

Thorne Media
Interact with the newest virtual reality games where you come face-to-face with dinosaurs and create your own solar system.


Structural Engineering with Beth Topinka, Millstone Township Elementary, NJ and Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers
Design and build solutions to protect a treasure; then, hop on a bike to simulate an earthquake and see if your design holds up!

Design and build a model bodysuit for a wingsuit competition based on real gliding mammal features.Then test, evaluate, and compete for the best “hang-time.

New York Hall of Science
Test what flies, floats, and falls in the wind tunnels.

Hovercraft with Patricia Lockhart, PS 57, Staten Island
Ride the solar flood rescue hovercraft.

Galileo’s Inclined Plane with Ben Raikes, The School at Columbia University
Experiment with this modern version of Galileo’s inclined plane, showing that gravity accelerates a falling object.

MoMath National Museum of Mathematics
Take the “truchet tiling” challenge by rearranging huge foam cubes into fascinating patterns.


Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Conduct hands-on activities with scientists who are actively doing field work locally and internationally related to air pollution air study group, ocean health, volcanoes, and polar climate.

American Museum of Natural History
Experience a deep dive into the natural world of our planet, Earth. Explore the microscopic world living in our ponds and oceans, the biodiversity of New York State, and discover the cosmic forces that have shaped the Earth.

Learn how your brain helps you (and your pets) see the world through activities and apps that will allow you to explore your “braiNY Vision.”

NYU Women in Science
Find out what’s in our water through interactive tests that will leave you finally know what makes certain types of water taste so good.

CUNY Advanced Science Research Center
Learn about the aquatic plants and animals in the carbon cycle.

Hydroponics with Juliet Crupi and Corlin Allrich, Science Teachers, Williamsburg Preparatory High School  and NY Sun Works
Become a future farmer and create a sustainable system for growing plants without soil.

Molloy College Center for Environmental Research and Coastal Oceans Monitoring
Meet a living fossil, the horseshoe crab and learn about the global significance of these amazing creatures with Dr. John Tanacredi.

Aperiodic Tiling with Patrick Honner, Math Teacher, Brooklyn Technical High School
Festival goers will add to a growing geometric mural called penrose tiling to form beautiful and intricate patterns.

Hartley Lab at NYU
Try and guess “What’s That Smell?” as you learn about the neuroscience of olfaction. Add your ratings of how good or bad the smells are and you’ll be able to see the data updating live.


Washington Square Park Eco Projects
Take a guided stroll through Washington Square Park and explore what kinds of minerals, plant, and animal life live in this urban oasis.

20-Minute Tours start in the lobby of the Kimmel Center at: 11:15 AM,12:15 PM, 2:15 PM, 3:15 PM

Science and Storytime
Join us for a special storytime where top kids authors read from their books, all afternoon. Shop our carefully curated collection of kids’ science books for sale and have your books signed by participating authors.