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Salon: The Beauty of Balance

03/12/17See Comments

Why are we drawn to symmetry? Because it provides order in a seemingly chaotic world? Because our brains are the product of the very same...[Read More]


Cool Jobs

03/12/17See Comments

A NASA scientist prints 3D homes on Mars. An anthropologist solves mummy mysteries. An engineer tests new toys every day. What do these people have...[Read More]


Salon: This is Your Brain on Neuroprosthetics

02/24/17See Comments

Paralyzed patients are starting to walk with the aid of exoskeletons and doctors are testing artificial retinas in the blind thanks to neuroprosthetics: surgical brain...[Read More]


Salon: Paging Dr. Robot—How A.I. is Revolutionizing Healthcare

02/16/17See Comments

IBM’s Watson has the ability to make a diagnosis. Apps can track and monitor patient emergencies. Our phones may soon be our medical advisors. Preventive...[Read More]


Salon: Game Change – CRISPR’s Brave New World

01/25/17See Comments

Just a handful of technologies deserve to be called “game changers”—and CRISPR-Cas9, the new gene-editing tool, is one of them. Discovered just three years ago,...[Read More]

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Awakening the Mind: A Celebration of the Life and Work of Oliver Sacks

01/10/17See Comments

Awakening the Mind is a tribute to the remarkable life and work of Dr. Oliver Sacks. A physician, best-selling author, professor of neurology at the...[Read More]


Salon: Coming to Grips With Gravity

01/09/17See Comments

The mysteries of dark matter and dark energy may be evidence that we don’t fully understand the force of gravity. But when it comes to...[Read More]


Salon: Life in Our Image – The Ethics of Altering the Human Genome

12/19/16See Comments

Powerful new genetic tools allow scientists to alter the DNA of any organism—with tests on human embryos already underway. Even more ambitious, synthetic biologists on...[Read More]


To Unweave a Rainbow: Science and the Essence of Being Human

11/28/16See Comments

As long ago as the early 19th century, the poet Keats bemoaned the washing away of the world’s beauty and mystery in the wake of...[Read More]


Flame Challenge: What is Sound?

11/17/16See Comments

Alan Alda has issued this year’s challenge to the world’s top scientists: What is sound? In an action-packed hour of interactive demonstrations, Alan and a...[Read More]