2016: A Year on Earth [Infographic]

12/28/16See Comments

As we say goodbye to 2016, here’s a look back at some of the things that happened on our planet this year. Sources: Australia Is...[Read More]

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The Science of Holiday Scents [Infographic]

12/19/16See Comments

‘Tis the season for scents! We selected some of our most cherished holiday aromas, and uncovered the sources of our favorite fragrances. Your nose will...[Read More]


The Most Extreme Temperatures of the Universe [Infographic]

12/02/16See Comments

To humans, the difference between hot and cold is simply switching a winter coat for shorts and sandals. In reality, our universe can get much,...[Read More]


Juno’s Mission to Jupiter [Infographic]

09/08/16See Comments

On July 5, NASA’s Juno spacecraft slid into orbit around the gas giant Jupiter, our solar system’s largest planet. It’s the latest in a 30-year...[Read More]


Have Humans Ushered In A New Geological Epoch? [Infographic]

08/31/16See Comments

Next time you chow down on a chicken wing, pay special attention to where you discard the bones. You just might be telling future archaeologists—human...[Read More]


How Do Animals Sleep? [Infographic]

01/27/16See Comments

Humans spend one third of their lives catching some zzzzzz. That may seem like a lot of time, but a koala requires more than double...[Read More]

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Your Body in 2016 (Infographic)

01/04/16See Comments

The new year always brings about lots of new ideas for numbers we want to start associating with our bodies. Maybe you’re aiming for eight...[Read More]

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Where Could Life Exist? (Infographic)

12/07/15See Comments

When NASA scientists announced earlier this year that they had found evidence of liquid water on Mars, imaginations ran wild with the possibility that life could...[Read More]

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Supermarket Turkey vs. Wild Turkey [Infographic]

11/20/15See Comments

Today’s turkey-lover has two choices: there is the turkey most Americans purchase in supermarkets — an artificial product of careful breeding and industrial farming methods. And then there’s the...[Read More]

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Sorting Through Our Space Junk [Infographic]

11/01/15See Comments

This infographic provides some insight into the litter we have scattered over space over the decades. Space junk, which scientists call orbital debris, poses direct...[Read More]