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How Big Are the Strings in String Theory?

03/24/15See Comments

String theory posits that the menagerie of different fundamental particles that make up all things—protons, photons, bosons, and the like—are not actually dots of matter, but rather oscillations...[Read More]


Einstein and the Anthropic Principle

03/17/15See Comments

Many scientists and philosophers have weighed whether the curious balance of physical laws that allows life to exist in the universe is just a coincidence or...[Read More]


A Q&A About the Universe With ESA Scientist Jan Tauber

03/12/15See Comments

A series of ground-based experiments first launched in 2006 (as BICEP1) and then in 2010 (as BICEP2) set out to find answers to some of the universe’s...[Read More]


The Source of Earth’s Neutrino Rain

03/10/15See Comments

No matter what the weather conditions look like outside, you’re probably being rained on right now. However, since this “shower” is made out of tiny particles called neutrinos—which...[Read More]

Einstein Brain v1

Taking a Peek at Einstein’s Brain

03/10/15See Comments

Albert Einstein wanted to be cremated after his death—”so people won’t come to worship at my bones,” as he put it. But Thomas Stoltz Harvey,...[Read More]


The Shapes of Extra Dimensions

03/06/15See Comments

String theory postulates that there are extra dimensions folded into reality around us—but because they are extremely tiny, we haven’t been able to detect them yet....[Read More]


Nice to Smell You

03/05/15See Comments

The next time you shake someone’s hand, you’ll probably also be getting a whiff of them. According to new research, we sniff our hands a...[Read More]


How to Win Alan Alda’s Flame Challenge

03/03/15See Comments

The New York Times has uncovered Alan Alda’s grand scheme to get scientists to take improv classes—it’s not so that they can pick up a few...[Read More]


How Neutrinos Balance the Energy Scale

03/03/15See Comments

Neutrinos are hard to spot in the wild. Tiny, incredibly light (even by the standards of subatomic particles) and without electric charge, they usually just...[Read More]


The New HIV Fighter

03/02/15See Comments

Even the most well-defended castle wall can be surmounted if you manage to fool the guards into lowering the gate. Such is the case with...[Read More]