Where Is the Evidence for Other Universes?

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The possibility of other universes remains enticing for a number of reasons, mathematics key among them. World Science Festival co-founder and Columbia University physicist Brian Greene...[Read More]


Beyond 3-D: How We Might Find Evidence of Extra Dimensions

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When it comes to space, we can pretty much only move in three directions—up or down, back or forth, and left or right, right? 3-D. But those directions might not...[Read More]


Are Physical Laws Invented or Discovered?

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After much work poring over previous research and working out new formulations, a physicist writes an equation she thinks best describes the behavior of tiny...[Read More]


Oscar-Nominated ‘Imitation Game’ Screenwriter Talks Turing To WSF

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Kudos to screenwriter Graham Moore who was just nominated for an Academy Award for “The Imitation Game”! Last November, at a screening hosted by the...[Read More]


What Do Dimensions Really Mean In Physics?

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With 3-D printers all the rage among tech-heads these days (and Hollywood on a 3-D tear), you might consider dimensions self-explanatory, but once you start thinking about those...[Read More]


New Evidence Of Tiny Ancient Martians?

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Certain features of dry lakebeds on Mars bear a resemblance to structures shaped by microbes on Earth, according to a recent analysis of photos beamed...[Read More]

Holographic Principle Still

Why You Might Live In A Vast Hologram

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There might be more to our 3D reality than meets the eye. In this video, World Science Festival co-founder and Columbia University physicist Brian Greene...[Read More]


Great Albert Einstein Moments From The World Science Festival

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The 2015 World Science Festival coincides with the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity, and we’re developing some powerful programming to commemorate...[Read More]

Formulas background

Do The Extra Dimensions Predicted By String Theory Strain Belief?

01/03/15See Comments

World Science Festival co-founder and Columbia University physicist Brian Greene explains why he believes string theory could be correct, despite requiring extra dimensions we can’t...[Read More]

Screen Shot 2014-08-04

Why Might There Be More Than 3 Spatial Dimensions?

01/02/15See Comments

The idea of extra dimensions isn’t intuitive, so why do physicists include them in some of their theories? World Science Festival co-founder and Columbia University...[Read More]