How to Win Alan Alda’s Flame Challenge

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The New York Times has uncovered Alan Alda’s grand scheme to get scientists to take improv classes—it’s not so that they can pick up a few...[Read More]


How Neutrinos Balance the Energy Scale

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Neutrinos are hard to spot in the wild. Tiny, incredibly light (even by the standards of subatomic particles) and without electric charge, they usually just...[Read More]


The New HIV Fighter

03/02/15See Comments

Even the most well-defended castle wall can be surmounted if you manage to fool the guards into lowering the gate. Such is the case with...[Read More]


How the Brain Is Tricked by #TheDress

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If you were anywhere on the Internet last night, you might have seen the furious digital hue and cry over the hues of one particular dress—this dress:...[Read More]


What Are Neutrinos?

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Neutrinos are odd ducks, even by the crazy standards of subatomic physics. In fact, some of their strange interactions with the world start to look...[Read More]


Unlocking The Second Layer Of Genetics

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The arrangement of the letters in your DNA sequence is not the only thing that shapes you—there’s also the mechanisms that decide what genes get...[Read More]


Chatting With ‘Still Alice’ Advisor Mary Sano

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Julianne Moore is up for an Oscar. Mary Sano leads the Alzheimer’s disease research at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. The two women might never have...[Read More]


What Does Quantum Mechanics Tell Us About Reality?

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The rules of the quantum world are incredibly strange: An electron you think is at a certain point might just as easily be in another place...[Read More]

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Brian Williams, False Memories, and the Brain

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It is said that the truth hurts, and so revelations about what did and did not occur on a helicopter ride in Iraq in 2003...[Read More]


Will Humans Ever Fully Understand Reality?

02/06/15See Comments

Given all the scientific progress that humanity’s made in a mere couple hundred thousand years of existence (or just over 250 years, if you start with the...[Read More]