DNA Structure

Are Drug Addicts Born Susceptible?

09/16/14See Comments

Half a person’s risk for developing drug addictions is linked to genetics—a higher percentage than conditions like cancer or high cholesterol. But the relationship between...[Read More]


Watch A Roomful Of People Condemn 5 Innocent Men

09/15/14See Comments

At the World Science Festival event “The Science of Justice: A Matter of Opinion,” panelist and John Jay College of Criminal Justice psychologist Saul Kassin...[Read More]

adolescent brain

How Teenage Brains Are Primed For Addiction

09/08/14See Comments

We tend to think of addiction as an adult problem, but drug abuse starts, overwhelmingly, in adolescence. Psychiatrist and neuroscientist Amir Levine talks about how...[Read More]


The Future is Here: Watch Better, Stronger, Faster: The Future of the Bionic Body

09/03/14See Comments

In the future, a woman with a spinal cord injury could make a full recovery; a baby with a weak heart could pump his own...[Read More]


The Bionic Body Goes Wireless 

08/29/14See Comments

Implants that restore movements to paralyzed people often tether them to bulky electronics. But the next generation of these implants will be wireless, as neuroscientist John...[Read More]


See Bionic Implants Help Paralympian Jennifer French Stand Again

08/28/14See Comments

Jennifer French was paralyzed after a skiing accident grievously injured her spine. But advances in electronic implants have helped this Paralympian stand again—enough for her...[Read More]

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Why An Addicted Brain Is Its Own Worst Enemy

08/27/14See Comments

Drug addiction creates a hellish feedback loop in the brain: Neuroscientists think that the same drugs that invite abuse also weaken areas of the brain...[Read More]


Synesthetic Senses: Green Wednesday, Orange F-sharp

08/26/14See Comments

At least 3 percent of the population is thought to have some form of synesthesia—the phenomenon of blended senses, where a stimulus, like letters or numbers,...[Read More]

It's all relatives_vid clip

Uncovering The Genetic Roots Of African-Americans

08/25/14See Comments

Many African-Americans have struggled to trace their family trees, thanks in part to the lack of documentation kept for generations of slaves. But new genetic...[Read More]


Sailing To The End Of The World

08/23/14See Comments

The melting of ice in the Arctic is doing even more than raising the levels of the seas—it’s opening new frontiers. Hundreds of square miles...[Read More]