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R.I.P., The Colbert Report

12/19/14See Comments

After nine years, Stephen Colbert hung up his conservative alter ego. World Science Festival co-founder Brian Greene was among the dozens of perennial “Colbert Report”...[Read More]

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Misunderstood Geniuses: William Harvey

12/18/14See Comments

Phlegm? Bile? Having too much of each used to be the source of all your health problems…or so people thought, until William Harvey came on...[Read More]


Planck Data Set Reportedly ‘Absolutely Beautiful’

12/18/14See Comments

They’re the most hotly anticipated releases of the holiday season: Not one, but two sets of findings from the European Space Agency’s Planck Satellite Project....[Read More]


Einstein Would Be Shocked By Quantum Physics Today

12/17/14See Comments

If Albert Einstein were suddenly yanked into the 21st century, he’d be amazed by all the new developments in physics. (Okay, first he’d probably look...[Read More]


The Game Theory Case Against Torture

12/17/14See Comments

Fairleigh Dickinson University political scientist John Schiemann was not surprised by the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the torture techniques used in the CIA’s ‘enhanced interrogation’...[Read More]


The Science of Perfect Pumpkin Pies

11/25/14See Comments

The kind of fat that goes into a pie dough can totally change the chemistry of the crust—and for a supremely flaky crust, you can’t...[Read More]


How Alan Turing Proved There’s No ‘Theory Of Everything’ For Math

11/24/14See Comments

The World Science Festival partnered with the Museum of the Moving Image to present a special screening of The Imitation Game, the new dramatic feature...[Read More]

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Do We Live In A Cosmic Donut, Infinite Trumpet, Or A Space Pringle?

11/17/14See Comments

The simple question—“what shape is the universe?”—has a stunning array of answers. Just as we live on a spherical planet but mostly experience the world...[Read More]


Walter Isaacson and John Hockenberry Settle Their Pong Rivalry At ‘The History Of The Future’

11/11/14See Comments

They might not have played this video game since the 1980s, but The Innovators author Walter Isaacson and journalist John Hockenberry got a chance to prove their...[Read More]


‘Science And Story: The History Of The Future': Full Program

11/11/14See Comments

The history of computers is a history of competition and collaboration: Innovators have worked together, but also clashed over the place of computers in society...[Read More]