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Imagining Other Universes

07/30/15See Comments

If parallel universes exist, would they be just like ours or different? World Science Festival co-founder and Columbia University physicist Brian Greene speculates about some of...[Read More]


What Is Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle?

07/29/15See Comments

One of the foundations of quantum mechanics is Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, which describes how we are limited in what we can know about particles at particular points...[Read More]

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Visualizing Emergent Time

07/29/15See Comments

At the 2015 World Science Festival program “Time is of the Essence … or Is It?” a panel of physicists weighed the question of whether...[Read More]


Kepler Finds Earth’s Alien ‘Cousin’

07/24/15See Comments

It’s been a long-cherished dream among scientists to find an exoplanet that bears similarities to Earth. Now, NASA’s Kepler spacecraft has spotted an alien world,...[Read More]


Why Can’t We See Other Dimensions?

07/23/15See Comments

If, as string theory predicts, there are more than three dimensions in space, why can’t we see them? In this video, World Science Festival co-founder...[Read More]


Remembering E.L. Doctorow

07/22/15See Comments

The late author E.L. Doctorow will be missed by many: his family, his friends, and his fans—including all of us at the World Science Festival....[Read More]


What Is Time?

07/21/15See Comments

Though physicists can crash particles together at near-light speeds to peer at the most minute pieces of matter, time remains a puzzling enigma. Is it some...[Read More]


What Is Supersymmetry?

07/16/15See Comments

Many subatomic particles that look different are actually connected by symmetric principles—you can transform them, but you’ll find that the equations that describe them look the same. Supersymmetry is perhaps...[Read More]


What Is ‘Spooky Action’ aka Quantum Entanglement?

07/15/15See Comments

Einstein was basically jesting when he called quantum entanglement “spooky action at a distance.” The idea that two entangled particles could immediately influence each other across great distances...[Read More]


Why the Big Bang Doesn’t Explain the Beginning of the Universe

07/10/15See Comments

For a lot of us, the idea of the Big Bang is synonymous with the origin of the universe. However, despite telling us a lot...[Read More]