Cheers to Science! It’s Been 5 O’Clock Somewhere for 10,000 Years

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The 2015 World Science Festival program Cheers to Science: Something Old, Something Brewed will offer several beer tastings and premiere a recreated ancient brew on Thursday, May 28, from...[Read! More]


Some Top Picks of The Moth @ WSF: Monsters, Joe DiMaggio, and Peach Cobbler

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We’re thrilled to again partner with the storytelling masters at The Moth for this year’s World Science Festival. The setup is deceptively simple: true stories, told with...[Read! More]


Justice Snagged by Flawed Hair Forensics

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A few strands of hair helped put Kirk Odom in prison for more than 22 years for a crime he didn’t commit. During his trial,...[Read! More]


How String Theory Was Discovered

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How on earth did scientists come up with the idea that all the particles that make up reality are actually just different vibrations of infinitesimally...[Read! More]


Peering Into the Darkness Around Us

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Just this week, scientists released a new map of the universe, but don’t count on relying on it for space travel. The subject of this...[Read! More]


The Meaning of E=mc^2

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You’ve probably seen E=mc2 somewhere, in science class or maybe in cartoons or other pop culture ephemera, but if you really want to know what it means,...[Read! More]


Friends Like These … Make You Care About Climate Change

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If your Facebook feed sometimes becomes dominated by a friend or two constantly posting about ways you can ease the polar bear’s plight or combat ever-rising carbon...[Read! More]

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The Universe: Infinite or Just Really Big?

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If you zoomed off in a spaceship and kept going for a very long time, would you ever reach the edge of the universe—or would you...[Read! More]

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How Big Are the Strings in String Theory?

03/24/15See Comments

String theory posits that the menagerie of different fundamental particles that make up all things—protons, photons, bosons, and the like—are not actually dots of matter, but rather oscillations...[Read! More]


Einstein and the Anthropic Principle

03/17/15See Comments

Many scientists and philosophers have weighed whether the curious balance of physical laws that allows life to exist in the universe is just a coincidence or...[Read! More]