See Bionic Implants Help Paralympian Jennifer French Stand Again

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Jennifer French was paralyzed after a skiing accident grievously injured her spine. But advances in electronic implants have helped this Paralympian stand again—enough for her...[Read More]

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Why An Addicted Brain Is Its Own Worst Enemy

08/27/14See Comments

Drug addiction creates a hellish feedback loop in the brain: Neuroscientists think that the same drugs that invite abuse also weaken areas of the brain...[Read More]


Synesthetic Senses: Green Wednesday, Orange F-sharp

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At least 3 percent of the population is thought to have some form of synesthesia—the phenomenon of blended senses, where a stimulus, like letters or numbers,...[Read More]

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Uncovering The Genetic Roots Of African-Americans

08/25/14See Comments

Many African-Americans have struggled to trace their family trees, thanks in part to the lack of documentation kept for generations of slaves. But new genetic...[Read More]


Sailing To The End Of The World

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The melting of ice in the Arctic is doing even more than raising the levels of the seas—it’s opening new frontiers. Hundreds of square miles...[Read More]


Weaving Science Into Narrative With Literary Masters Sean Carroll, E.L. Doctorow, Jo Marchant, Joyce Carol Oates, and Steven Pinker

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A compelling narrative is the true heart of science writing, whether it comes in the form of a science fiction classic like Frankenstein or a...[Read More]


How To Spot An Alien World

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Scientists think that prime real estate for extraterrestrial life lies in the “habitable zones” of solar systems—regions where conditions are just right for liquid water...[Read More]

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Can We Create Totally New Life In The Lab?

08/19/14See Comments

Creating completely novel lifeforms would be a big boon to both the study of origins of life on Earth and the search for life on...[Read More]


Facebook And Social Science: How To Thin Friends And Influence People

08/18/14See Comments

Your social network has more of an influence on you than you might think. In this clip from “Go Figure,” a program from the Big...[Read More]


How Color Tricks The Eye And Brain

08/18/14See Comments

There’s more to the colors we see than what meets our eyes; thanks to the quirky nature of perception, colors seen in context with other...[Read More]