Where Were You When Apollo 11 Landed On The Moon?

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On Sunday, July 20, it will be exactly 45 years since Neil Armstrong took the first step on the moon. Then and now, the mission


Alien Life: How Close Are We To Finding It?

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What sorts of flags are scientists looking for in the search for alien life? A lot of different kinds, it turns out: the search for

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Aliens Knocking? Better Call Paul (Davies)

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What happens when humanity gets a call from outer space? Ideally, the man coordinating Earth’s response will be Paul Davies, chair of the SETI Post-Detection


The Science Of Family Ties: ‘It’s All Relatives’

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Nowadays, the tools for tracing your family tree have advanced far beyond looking back at names in the family Bible or compiling a scrapbook of


Better, Stronger, Faster: A Vitruvian Man For The 21st Century

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Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man’ outlines the ideal anatomical proportions of a healthy male figure. But perhaps this outline needs a bit of a modern


Einstein Hated Quantum Mechanics. Brian Greene and Alan Alda Discuss Why

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Albert Einstein was not a fan of quantum mechanics. He was annoyed by the uncertain, random nature of the universe it implied (hence the famous


WSU Summer Session: Master Special Relativity With Brian Greene  

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Why not bring Albert Einstein to the beach with you this summer? With World Science U, you can become a master of special relativity in


Watch the Full Program: “What Is Color?”

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What is color? It seems like a simple question at first, but when you think about it, the reality of what we’re seeing is a


Watch: Astronaut Michael Massimino’s Really Cool Job

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At the 2014 World Science Festival program “Cool Jobs,” NASA astronaut Michael Massimino talks about the “right stuff” you need to work in space—a healthy


Beautiful Bloodsuckers: See Why Mark Siddall Loves Leeches

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When people say they want to work with animals, they probably don’t have leeches on the brain. But while leeches are not exactly the cuddliest