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A Festival Full of Memorable Moments Comes to a Close (WSF 2016)

In a year that began with an inspiring reminder that human ingenuity, persistence, and collaboration makes it possible to do things like successfully detect gravitational waves, the past five days at the World Science Festival offered countless moments to celebrate and engage with where science is capable of taking us next.

These are the ‘aha moments’ that enlighten us, delight us, and make us endlessly curious about our world.

You could feel the excitement as those moments bubbled up during an opening night celebration of the life and work of Dr. Oliver Sacks, which featured a night full of stories and performances showcasing his indelible legacy.

You could hear it as compelling insights were shared on stages across New York City during The Big Ideas series, which brought some of science’s leading thinkers together for discussions about synthetic biology, gravitational waves, and dark matter.

You could see it on the faces of future scientists each time a volunteer at Street Science held up a human brain and explained something fascinating about how our brains work, then asked “Do you want to touch the brain?”

This moments of mind-blowing science happened thanks to incredible World Science Festival volunteers, partners, sponsors, members, participants, and attendees, both in-person and online.

Thanks, and we’ll see you next year!


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