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DAY 4: What’s On Tap on Saturday? (WSF 2016)

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Scientific wonder will sweep across New York City on Saturday as curious attendees gather at the World Science Festival to explore gravitational waves, count fish with biologists, and stare up at the stars underneath the Brooklyn Bridge.

Here are four programs you won’t want to miss:

1. The Great Fish Count

Strap on a pair of waders, cast a net and see what type of marine life you can find in the New York waterways—from Lemon Creek in Staten Island to the shores of Fort Washington Park.

2. Moral Math of Robots: Can Life and Death Decisions Be Coded?

Fernando Diaz, Colonel Linell Letendre, Gary Marcus, Matthias Scheutz, and Wendell Wallach take the stage to weigh the good with the bad when it comes to what kind of judgment calls we could assign robots to make in the future. Will a smartphone be able to make moral decisions? If yes, whose morals should it act on?

3. Gravitational Waves: A New Era in Astronomy Begins

On September 14th, 2015, a ripple in the fabric of space, created by the violent collision of two distant black holes over a billion years ago, washed across the Earth. As it did, two laser-based detectors, 50 years in the making – one in Louisiana and the other in Washington State – momentarily twitched, confirming a century-old prediction by Albert Einstein and marking the opening of a new era in astronomy. Join some of the very scientists responsible for this most anticipated discovery of our age and see how gravitational waves will be used to explore the universe like never before.

4. Saturday Night Lights: Stargazing in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Step up to a world-class telescope (or bring your own) for an outdoor party beneath the Brooklyn Bridge.


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