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Andrea Stocco


Andrea Stocco is an assistant professor of Psychology at the University of Washington, Seattle. He is also affiliated with the university’s Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering, Institute for Neuroengineering, and Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences. His research aims at developing computer models of how complex cognitive processes take place in the human brain. In doing so, he has employed different computational approaches and examined data from patient studies, fMRI and EEG experiments, and TMS investigations. Together with Chantel Prat and Rajesh Rao, he also developed the very first non-invasive direct brain-to-brain interface in humans. Dr. Stocco believes that, if we could understand the precise processes by which neural activity gives rise to complex thoughts, we could, in the future, develop technologies that support or augment our own neural function, much like we use paper and pencil to expand our cognitive functions.

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