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Anna Ijjas

Physicist, NYU
Lise Meitner Award

Anna Ijjas is a theoretical and computational physicist, working in gravitation and cosmology, whose research is aimed at the most fundamental questions about the universe: what is the mechanism that set the big bang initial conditions? What is the universe composed of, and how will it be changing in the future? She is currently pursuing answers to those questions as a Senior Research Scientist at New York University and a Principal Investigator of the Simons initiative “New Directions in Cosmology and Gravitational Theory,” where she develops innovative mathematical and computational methods to explain complex phenomena and make quantitative, testable predictions. Her work as a theorist is highly influenced by observations, so she makes a point of interacting with numerous experimental groups. Prior to joining NYU she was at Germany’s Max Planck Society, and did a fellowship at Princeton.  Before that she spent two years as a Principal Investigator of the “Origins of the Universe Initiative” at Columbia and Harvard.

Past Programs Featuring Anna Ijjas

Friday, December 22, 2023 | 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm