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Artie Bennett

Children's Author

Artie Bennett is the executive copy editor for a children’s book publisher. Hailed as “the Dr. Seuss of your caboose” for his much-acclaimed The Butt Book, his first “mature” work, he followed it with Poopendous!, his “number two” picture book. His third picture book, Peter Panda Melts Down!, was an adorable storybook but a departure from butts and poop. Bennett, however, got right back on track with the uproarious Belches, Burps and Farts—Oh My!, which disgorged in 2014. Bennett lives deep in the bowels of Brooklyn, New York, where he spends his spare time moving his car to satisfy the rigorous demands of alternate-side-of-the-street parking and shaking his fist at his neighbors. Artie Bennett is pleased to share the visionary promise of The Butt Book, Poopendous!, Peter Panda Melts Down!, and Belches, Burps, and Farts—Oh My! with a wider audience.

Past Programs Featuring Artie Bennett

Sunday, May 31, 2015 | 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm