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Chantel Prat


Chantel Prat is an associate professor of Psychology with an appointment at the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences at University of Washington. She is also faculty in the Neuroscience graduate program, at the Institute for Neuroengineering, and at the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering. Dr. Prat’s research investigates the nature of biological constraints on information processing, with an emphasis on the neural correlates of individual differences in complex cognitive abilities such as language. Her goal is to better understand the mind-brain relationship at the level of the individual. To do so, her current research employs the combination of functional neuroimaging, electroencephalography, transcranial magnetic and direct current stimulation, neurofeedback training, and behavioral paradigms. She has used the foundations of this research to investigate new technologies for decoding and encoding meaningful information into human brains, as applied in brain-to-brain interfacing paradigms.

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