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Conny Aerts


Conny Aerts is Professor of Astronomy and Vice-Dean of Communication & Outreach in the Faculty of Science at KU Leuven. She is also a part-time professor of Asteroseismology at the Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands and External Scientific Member of the Max Planck Society in Heidelberg.

Dr. Aerts is a pioneer in the field of asteroseismology, and was named a 2022 Kavli laureate in astrophysics for her observational approach to asteroseismology, both from the ground and from space, particularly her work on massive hot stars. She is a leader in probing the interiors of rapidly rotating stars. Along with her team, Dr. Aerts achieved the first quantitative estimates of near-core rotation and internal mixing of massive stars, leading to significant improvements in stellar evolution theory.