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Daniel Jafferis

Physicist, Harvard

Daniel Jafferis is a Professor of Physics at Harvard whose research involves string theory, supersymmetric quantum field theory, and quantum gravity. Jafferis was one of the discoverers of the low energy three dimensional superconformal Chern-Simons-matter theory describing multiple M2 branes, which led to a new concrete arena for the gauge-gravity correspondence. His past work on supersymmetric quantum field theories in three dimensions involved finding an exact method for determining the dimensions of all chiral primary operators in strongly coupled conformal field theories, and the formulation of a monotonic quantity for all renormalization group flows in three dimensions. Jafferis’s current research focuses on understanding quantum gravity using the gauge/gravity correspondence, entanglement entropy, and exact results in supersymmetric systems. He was awarded Breakthrough’s New Horizons in Physics prize in 2019.

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