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Joel David Hamkins

Mathematician, Philosopher

Joel David Hamkins conducts research in mathematical and philosophical logic, particularly set theory, with a focus on the mathematics and philosophy of the infinite. He has worked particularly with forcing and large cardinals, those strong axioms of infinity, and in the theory of infinitary computability, introducing (with A. Lewis and J. Kidder) the theory of infinite time Turing machines, as well as in the theory of infinitary utilitarianism and, more recently, infinite chess. His work on the infinitary automorphism tower problem lies at the intersection of group theory and set theory. Recently, he has been preoccupied with various mathematical and philosophical issues surrounding the set-theoretic multiverse, engaging with the emerging debate on pluralism in the philosophy of set theory, as well as the mathematical questions to which they lead, such as his work on the modal logic of forcing and set-theoretic geology. His permanent position is professor of mathematics, of philosophy, and of computer science at The City University of New York, at the Graduate Center of CUNY, and the College of Staten Island of CUNY.

Past Programs Featuring Joel David Hamkins

Saturday, June 1, 2013 | 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm