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Marc Hauser

Evolutionary Biologist

Marc Hauser’s award-winning research, at the interface between evolutionary biology and cognitive neuroscience, is aimed at understanding how the minds of human and nonhuman animals evolved. By studying nonhuman animals (monkeys, apes, dogs) in both the wild and in captivity, as well as human infants and adults, Hauser’s work has unlocked some of the mysteries of language evolution, conceptual representation, social cooperation, communication and morality.

The author of five books–including The Evolution of Communication, Wild Minds, and Moral Minds: How nature designed our universal sense of right and wrong–he is currently working on a book called Evilicious: why we evolved a taste for being bad (Viking/Penguin.)

Dr. Hauser is a Harvard College Professor, Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Human Evolutionary Biology, Co-Director of the Mind, Brain and Behavior Program and Director of the Cognitive Evolution Laboratory.

Past Programs Featuring Marc Hauser

Thursday, June 3, 2010 | 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm