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Massimo Porrati


Massimo Porrati is a professor of physics, and a member of the Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics, at New York University. He was a research scientist at the INFN section in Pisa, Italy, in collaboration with CERN, before joining NYU in 1992. His major research interests are string theory, supersymmetry and supergravity, nonperturbative aspects of strings and quantum field theory, and cosmology.

Among other things, Porrati is known for his work on the large-distance modification of gravity and its application to the cosmological constant problem. With Gia Dvali and Gregory Gabadadze, he co-pioneered and advanced this direction by proposing a generally covariant model of infrared modification of gravity (the so-called DGP model), and studying many novel and subtle features of this class of models.

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