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Meredith Whittaker

AI Researcher
Meredith Whittaker is co-founder of the AI Now Institute, a leading university institute dedicated to researching the social implications of artificial intelligence and related technologies in an interdisciplinary context. She is also a Distinguished Research Scientist at NYU, and the founder of Google’s Open Research group. She has over a decade of experience working in industry, leading product and engineering teams. Whittaker co-founded M-Lab, a globally distributed network measurement system that provides the world’s largest source of open internet performance data, and serves as one of the primary resources for policymakers and researchers investigating net neutrality and network performance. She has worked extensively on issues of privacy and security, advising on policy direction and technical implementation. She has advised the White House, the FCC, the City of New York, the European Parliament, and many other governments and civil society organizations on artificial intelligence, measurement and data collection, privacy, and security.

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