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Shamit Kachru


Award-winning physicist Shamit Kachru is an expert in string theory and quantum field theory, and their applications in cosmology, condensed matter physics, and elementary particle theory. He has made central contributions to the study of compactifications of string theory from ten to four dimensions, especially in the exploration of mechanisms which could yield string models of dark energy or cosmic inflation.

He has also made notable contributions to the discovery and exploration of string dualities, to the study of models of supersymmetry breaking in string theory, and to the construction of calculable dual descriptions of strongly-coupled particle physics and condensed matter systems using the AdS/CFT correspondence.

Dr. Kachru, a Professor of Physics at Stanford University, is a recipient of a Department of Energy Outstanding Junior Investigator Award, an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship, a David and Lucile Packard Foundation Fellowship, the Bergmann Memorial Award, and the ACIPA Outstanding Young Physicist Prize.

Past Programs Featuring Shamit Kachru

Saturday, June 5, 2010 | 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm