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Yiping Qi

Yiping Qi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture at University of Maryland, College Park. He earned a B.S. at Nankai University, a M.S. at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and a PhD at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Dr. Qi’s areas of specialty are in the fields of plant genome editing and plant innate immunity. His current research focus is developing and applying plant genome editing tools for plant biology and crop improvement. In the past decade, Qi has been working on engineering sequence-specific nucleases (SSNs) such as Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN), Transcription Activator-Like Effector Nuclease (TALEN), and CRISPR-Cas systems. These SSNs function as molecular scissors to cut DNA, enabling genome editing. With these tools, Qi has edited many crop genomes, including Arabidopsis, Rice, Maize and Carrot.

Past Programs Featuring Yiping Qi